Struggling, but possibly getting back

For two weeks now, I’ve been saying “This is the week, I’ll be back to normal.” I’m hoping its the last week I have to say this. My schedule still seems a little wacky. Last week included preparing for a day-long interview at work for a new position, having the interview, attending a night program at work, going to Philly to see The Dirty Projectors and Owen Pallett, dinner with friends I haven’t seen in months and bringing Evan to the airport for his annual trip to Chicago for the Threadless Meet-Up. All but 2 hours of my work week was filled with meetings. Administratively, I feel like I’m slowly but surely trying to catch up. Weekends have also been very full of commitments. My aunt’s wedding, work responsibilities, Evan moving in…

Through this all, I’m trying to cut back (and ultimately cut out) caffeine and sugar. It’s critical to my ability to stay energized and motivated for workouts, ignore irritating food cravings and have focus at work. Again, it’s been tough. Some of it’s mindless, habitual noshing. Other times it’s possibly stress-related. And getting to the gym? While it’s true my time has been pretty limited, even when I’ve had the time, I haven’t really felt like going. Or when I’m there, I want to do a light workout.

Yesterday, I indulged in that need to do nothing. Well, kinda. I stayed in my PJs all day and watched Back to the Future as I planned my meals and workouts for the week, finished clearing out and organizing a couple closets that needed some fine-tuning now that Evan’s here and I sorted through a pile of papers and magazines that have been cluttering up my desk for the past 2 months. It gave me the opportunity to clean my house and my head.

This morning I set my alarm so I could go to spin class. It was the class with my favorite instructor and she had a new routine that kept my heart rate in the 80-90% zone. I loved every minute of it. It felt empowering, not painful. And I think it set the tone for this week. (Especially when I rewarded myself by buying the awesome new Sharpie Retractable pens that recently came out–Oh! How I love office supplies! Now if only I could find the Sharpie Liquid Pencil…)

My resolutions for the rest of September are as follows:

  • follow my personal good health guidelines (2 quarts of water daily, under 1300 calories daily, 5+ servings of produce, 7.5+ hours of sleep nightly, gym 5 days a week, take vitamins and ensure my calories from carbs are complex sources and approximately 50% of my daily calorie budget)
  • blog 4-5 days a week
  • spend 30-60 minutes a day reading

I apologize in advance for the redundancy, but to keep myself accountable, I’ll be doing a daily check-in on these resolutions–at least for this week. I still haven’t figured out what my new training plan will be, but I’m sticking with spin class, outdoor bike rides and wogging (I’d like to say running, but it’s been awhile) for the next week. It’s 10 weeks until I’m running a 4.78 Thanksgiving Day Road Race, so by next weekend, I expect to have a training plan in place.

This is the plan for the week of September 12 (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the link).


One response to “Struggling, but possibly getting back

  1. Good luck getting back to “normal”. I need to do the same! It’s so hard to do.

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