Mid-week Check-In

Sticking on plan with food has been a little more challenging than I’d like. Tuesday, we had a concert in Philly and had a cheesesteak dinner, which busted my calorie budget. Yesterday, instead of lunch, I had a reception to celebrate the re-opening of a beautiful and drastically renovated dining hall, so I nibbled on sage cheddar cheese and crackers, pistachio shortbread and a divine basil creme brulee. Food cravings have been ridiculously frustrating. Not hunger. Food cravings. I feel like I have this constant running dialogue in my head saying “This is not what hunger feels like.”

I wish I could say I’ve been successful listening to that inner dialogue, but it just ain’t always happening. I don’t know what this is all about. I don’t think I’m stressed. I do think I might still be tired from my July/August schedule, but I’ve generally been sleeping 7.5 hours a night on most nights and waking before the alarm goes off. So far this week’s weight will likely be a maintain, except for the fact that I forgot to log last week’s gain.

Exercise has been better. I’ve stuck to the plan (minus strength-training). Spin on Sunday was perfect. Wogging Monday was pretty good and yesterday’s spin class was okay (too many long intervals which bore me and my HRM wasn’t working properly).

I’ve almost completely exorcised caffeine from my diet. My morning cup of coffee is maybe 1/4 caffeinated and 3/4 decaf, but I’m typically not finishing it. I don’t enjoy it as much as I do when a Starbucks barista makes it. (Funny: that’s how I feel about salads. They’re never as good at home as they are at restaurants or other people’s houses!) Now that I’m out of half and half, I likely will switch to decaf green tea for the rest of the week.

Reading has been non-existent but will commence this weekend.

Finally, so far, I’ve blogged 3 times this week.

Grade: B-. The food thing really needs to get back on track. I’m going to start my old trick of substituting the urge to snack with drinking decaf green tea. It used to be a brilliant and healthy replacement. Now that the weather’s cooling off, I can probably easily do this swap with success.

Tonight, we’re having friends over for dinner. Roasted chicken, oven baked sweet potato fries, this amazing Barbara Kafka cauliflower recipe and a mushroom tart recipe from the latest Martha Stewart Food magazine. All of the food is prepped, so tonight’s spread won’t require much hands on time. Photos to come…


One response to “Mid-week Check-In

  1. A B- is perfectly respectable. I love the idea of trading snacking for sipping on some tea so you don’t feel deprived. Keep showing those cravings who’s boss!

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