Weigh In Day

So, I’ve “forgotten” to weigh in several times in the past couple months. I suspect it’s because it’s easy to forget when you’re not excited about what the scale will show. I’m setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to WI on Friday mornings for now. No more excuses.

There are plenty of weight loss bloggers who “forget” to WI, just as I did. We kinda just need to stop fooling ourselves. Just because we don’t follow the plan, because life gets in the way or because we consumed enough sodium to fill the Dead Sea doesn’t mean we are no longer responsible for holding ourselves accountable on the scale.

But we think that way. Because we think that the scale determines self-worth and we can’t handle a kick to our souls when dieting, maintaining a solid fitness schedule and trying to lose weight and addressing body image issues and emotional connections to food is hard enough.

But to paraphrase a note from Operation Beautiful:

The scale is just a number. It does not determine self-worth.

And in that spirit, I report a gain of 1.4 lbs in the past two weeks.

How do you monitor your weight without letting gains drag your commitment or self-image down?


One response to “Weigh In Day

  1. I’m a bit late on commenting, but who can resist a question? The only way I know to face a gain or a long plateau, whether it is caused by self-sabotage or by the planets aligning is to JUST KEEP GOING. If I have made up my mind that stopping is not an option, the habit of continuing can drag me through. And yes, it really does feel like being dragged at times!

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