The New 8k Training Plan

I’m pretty excited, if not a bit scared, to roll out my 10 weeks to an 8k training plan. This is what will prepare me to run the Manchester Road Race in Connecticut on Thanksgiving Day.

Honestly, running is probably just as much (if not more) a mental game than a physical challenge for me. I psych myself out. I feel like running is the thing that real athletes do and since I never used to consider myself an athlete, these thoughts sometimes get the best of me. So first, I had to make sure I had some mantras in mind to get me through those mental challenges. My words of inspiration are:

“Nothing great has been & nothing great can be accomplished without passion.” ~G.W.F. Hegel

“Strength, endurance, peace, and glory” ~Words of Wisdom from Jessica which got me through this summer’s triathlon

It’s also critical that I fuel my body properly for training. Anyone who has read my blog the past week knows that this has been my challenge lately. Fortunately, once I got a few days of consistent healthy eating under my belt and now that I’ve knocked caffeine and extra sugar to the curb, this has become easier. My diet will entail:

  • 1200-1300 calories daily (still shooting to lose 1lb a week)
  • avoiding simple carbs.
  • 50% of calories from carbs, 25% from protein, 25% from fat
  • 2 dairy servings daily
  • multivitamin & 60+oz water daily

In developing this training plan, I modeled it off the things I loved about tri training this summer (balancing bike and run workouts) and this training plan by Hal Higdon.

Things I need to remember:

  • STRETCHING! Especially hips, hamstrings and achilles.
  • Fun.
  • Keep a running log. Note how I felt, conditions, speed, snacks that may have helped or hindered, how long it took to feel warmed up, etc.
  • Read a chapter of Chi Running by Danny Dreyer near-daily and implement the skills into my runs.

Finally, The new 8k training plan!

It includes the work that I did this past week–my first runs in 2 months! Saturday’s run actually felt really good after a rough start. This week’s plan is as follows:

  • Monday: 1 mile run & strength
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 45 minute spin class
  • Thursday: 1 mile run
  • Friday: Stretch & strength
  • Saturday: 1 mile run & strength
  • Sunday: Originally, I planned a 45-60 minute spin class but it will likely be a rest or walking day, since I’ll be traveling on that day.

My stretching routine will either be the series of stretches I got when I was in PT for my back or a beginners yoga class at my gym. I’ll possibly consider lap swims on these days, as I find the heated pool water helps me stretch out.

Instead of daily updates, I’ll probably do a week in review/week preview on Sundays to keep me on track & let you all know how it’s going.


5 responses to “The New 8k Training Plan

  1. If I’m in town Saturday I’ll take you for a longer than 1 mile run if you’re up for it…

  2. I can’t see the plan because my computer is ghetto and has no programs, but your first week looks like a good one! Way to get back out there. I am sort of training for a race and it really helps me stay on track.

  3. I’m going to be in CT on thanksgiving also! I wish I was a little closer to Manchester and I would totally go! Hmmm, i kind of still want to do it 🙂

  4. Becca–Danbury (that’s where you’ll be, right?) to Manchester is only 80 minutes, and I don’t think the race starts until 10am! 🙂

  5. I’m seriously going to think about it – i’ll let you know!

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