Chunky Cat

Last night, Evan and I had an appointment to bring my our (I have to share her with him now!) 9 year old cat, Prunella, to the vet for a check-up. It had been far too long since her last wellness check and she’s gotten significantly pudgier in the past year (and less active), so it was definitely time.

I shoulda guessed this would be a traumatic experience when it took peeling her out from behind the couch to get her into the cat carrier. Still, she seemed pretty excited (in a good way) when we walked out the front door and she smelled the breeze and heard the birds chirping.

But no, my cat was a drama queen–caterwauling and hissing practically at the sound of the vet’s voice. Both the vet and the vet tech were wonderful–even doing part of the exam in silence so Pru would be less freaked. I should have warned them that she considers belly touching an invitation for war. At one point, Pru sat there glaring at me, wrapped in a blanket and shivering so hard it looked like she was seizing. They couldn’t do bloodwork because she was so feisty and, as the vet said “someone could get hurt.”

For a pretty placid cat, she’s quite aggressive sassy when she needs to be.

Sadly, I can no longer use the “you’re not fat, you’re fluffy” description of my cat. She’s a whopping 14.6lbs and should be between the 12-13lb range. I’m not overfeeding her. It’s just that typical cat food (I use a mix of ScienceDiet light and mature cat formulas) is too high in carbs. So now my cat is on Catkins.

We’re weight loss buddies!

PS-Apparently, it’s law (in the State of NJ and many other states) that your cat always has an up-to-date rabies shot–even if it’s an indoor cat with no contact with other animals. So get it done!


3 responses to “Chunky Cat

  1. We, too, are the proud parents if 2 pudgy cats. One of them is completely fine with the vet or the groomer. The other? Yikes. He cries every second he’s in the carrier. And sometimes his fur gets matted on his back. He’ll let me cut it out now but the first time it happened I took him to the groomer. He went bezerk. Foaming at the mouth, hissing and spitting…it was terrible and embarrassing. It breaks my heart to see him at the vet, so I usually just sit outside so he’s just happy to see me when it’s over.

  2. This cracked me up!!! Unfortunately 2 of our 3 are on the chubby side. Cooper maxed out at 17lbs and we got him down to around 15 now, Beaner stays very skinny at 9lbs, and Jax who is just over a year is already up to 12lbs!!! Too damn funny though…weight loss buddies!

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