Happy First Day of Autumn!

Oops! I really thought I hit “publish” when I wrote this on Wednesday, but apparently only clicked “save draft.” Anyway… have a happy belated first day of Autumn!

Fall is my favorite season. It filled with the best weather: crisp, fresh air, moody skies. It has amazing fruits and veggies: pumpkin, butternut squash, apples, pears. And, it’s like the New Year’s of great TV: Glee, The Biggest Loser, etc. In honor of the gorgeous change of seasons (yes, I’m trying really hard to forget that it’s going to be nearly 90* today), Evan and I joined our friends Nadya, Randy and their son Leo for a trek to a local farm to go apple picking.

How can you not love such beauty?

A beautiful bloom from the zinnia garden.

This solo pumpkin was just hanging out in the middle of the walkway, in between large pallets of his breathren.

The rest of the family. And my new wallpaper for my phone.

Gorgeous clouds. Bright blue skies. Nothing better than this!

Evan snacking on a Fuji, just to make sure we're making good apple choices. With any luck, there will be Fuji apple butter in this man's future.

Photos taken at Terhune Orchard in Princeton, NJ using the RetroCamera app on my Motorola Droid.


2 responses to “Happy First Day of Autumn!

  1. Those are great pics especially from a phone!

    I can’t wait to go apple picking!

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