Something to brighten this dreary day

I don’t want an iPad, but after seeing this commercial where Jason Schwarzman promotes the New Yorker app, I started having second thoughts:

Adorable and hysterical, right?


I did end up taking a rest day last night and clearly needed it. I napped on the couch after work as my carrots were roasting, then Evan and I ate BLATs (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) on toasted rye bread with the carrots. Simple and delicious. I’m not ashamed to admit that we watched Jeopardy before groceries and then came back for banana pudding and caught up with Top Chef Just Desserts. Was Seth’s meltdown a sign that he’s not well or what? I think the dude needs to focus on family matters and maybe leave the cheftestant business for another day.

Today, I’m working on rebuilding my energy. The weekend was exhausting. My grandfather was moved from the hospital to a nursing home’s rehab unit then to the emergency room, then to a neurology ICU (for a large subdural hematoma)  in a bigger hospital that could provide better care for his condition and is now possibly headed to the pulmonary ICU (since he has chosen not to get surgery for the subdural hematoma and has more significant lung issues due to pneumonia and COPD).

These are my photos for inspiration to get and stay on track today:

Crappy quality photo, but it shows how good I felt after Thursday's late night run.

View #1 from Saturday's walk at Mansfield Hollow Dam in Mansfield, CT.

View #2 from my walk at Mansfield Hollow Dam

View #3 from my walk at Mansfield Hollow Dam

Grandpa and my sister playing a cut-throat game of Skip-Bo (Val won, but grandpa wasn't far behind. My dad and I did horribly.)

You may have seen me Tweet this Saturday night. This is a family photo circa 2000-ish. My family (minus my sister who looks healthy thin) looks like a chubby version of the Addams family. Since then, I've vetoed any attempt at doing another family photo. I'm on the right. I think I weigh about the same as that now, but definitely have more muscle tone, look slimmer and I am shaped differently.

So… onto that 1.5 mile run and weight training today, right?


5 responses to “Something to brighten this dreary day

  1. Hope your grandpa gets the care that he needs! And sometimes a simple dinner is delicious!

  2. I was not thin in that pic… I just hid myself properly…

  3. I’m hoping your grandpa is doing well. My thoughts are with all of you.

    I love the photo of you after your run! Also, those pictures at the dam are so beautiful. You can barely see the changing leaves in the background. I’m sure in a few more weeks, it will be alive with color there.

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