Weigh In Friday!

This is a short week since my last weigh-in was postponed until Monday due to family obligations and travel, so I wasn’t expecting much in terms of a loss. According to the scale, I’ve lost another half pound.

*shrinking body happy dance!*

I’m using this as an opportunity to remind myself that even though I may not always eat perfectly, as long as I make the better choices, I’ll be successful.

The highlights of this week:

  • Food logged EVERY day since Monday. It helped that I jumped on the Krissie bandwagon (don’t I always?) and broke down and bought a food journal. Was gonna design my own, but just didn’t have time to do it. I used to log food on TheDailyPlate, but I haven’t always had time (or the desire) to sit and type up my food. Also, with my lunchtime grazing/temptation problem, I was forgetting what I ate. Having the log with me at all times keeps me on track and forces me to be intentional. For example: when I look at my plan for the day as I contemplate a cookie and I see how that will alter my numbers, I reconsider whether the cookie is really all that worth it. I’m also very particular about keeping a neat log, so once I’ve logged something in pen, I do NOT like to have to overwrite or change it and have it look sloppy. Suddenly, dropping my planned dinner for a drive-through meal is even less appealing when I think of the neatness and beauty of my food log. It may be simple, but it motivates me to stay on track.
  • Got in my minimum 25g of fiber and at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily. All of those fruits and veggies were fresh (not canned or loaded with salt, sugar or sauces).
  • Kept my sodium under 2200mg all but one day.
  • Got back to drinking water and decaf green tea.
  • Workouts were totally on target. Even though I was too exhausted for my workout Monday, I did do it on Tuesday instead of the scheduled day of rest. I was tired again on Thursday, but took a power nap before heading out to the gym. It’s important to be flexible and to listen to your body otherwise your training plan can totally burn you out.

The lowlights:

  • Got back to drinking caffeinated coffee: a bad combo of my aunt buying a delicious dark chocolate coffee for me while I was in Connecticut and me finding a 12 pack of pumpkin coffee for the Keurig I have at work. Fortunately, I’m almost out of the cocoa coffee, so I’ll stop my morning brew. The pumpkin coffee will be reserved for a late afternoon pick-me-up which also tends to help my gym workouts.
  • Struggled at lunch. Lunches were often higher in calories and carbs than planned and often involved some kind of dessert. I noticed the trend by Tuesday and stopped it in it’s tracks on Wednesday but still struggled a bit. I’m committing to bringing my own lunches to work next week to break myself of the habit and temptation. After that, I’ll reassess and play it by ear. My work situation gives me the ability to eat in the dining hall. It’s a great opportunity to meet with colleagues and/or students, plus it saves me money on my grocery budget. They have plenty of healthy and delicious meals (in fact, Wednesday, I had a stir fry loaded with veggies and topped with a little chicken/shrimp/tofu combo with a side of steamed green beans) but they also have amazing desserts, fried spring rolls or potstickers and a really good pasta bar with some top notch pesto sauce. It’s easy to get side-tracked.

I’ve updated the right-hand column on this blog. Fifty-two weeks of weigh-ins is long and unwieldy, so I’ve decided to keep a running tally of my weigh-ins for the current month, but once it’s over, I’ll keep a one month total.

When we were grocery shopping Monday, Evan sheepishly asked “So, uhhh, do you think it’s possible for us to do nachos sometime this week? Maybe healthy nachos?” You betcha! So Saturday’s dinner will be baked tortilla chips, 95% lean ground beef, reduced fat cheddar, refried beans, scallions, chopped tomato, jalapenos (the last from my garden), guacamole, Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and fresh salsa. Yum! It’s definitely still higher in calories than my typical dinner, but I tend to give myself a little extra leeway on the weekends. And the rest of my food choices that day will certainly be healthy and loaded with veggies. Also this weekend: another possible quick trip to the apple farm. We’re almost out of apples!

Finally, I know in yesterday’s post I said I wouldn’t start another blog, but really, the photo project wasn’t going to look right here and I found another layout that looked simple and pretty. That combined with a song lyric that inspired a new blog title equals new blog. If you want to want to follow along, click here.


4 responses to “Weigh In Friday!

  1. Congrats on the loss 🙂

    When I did WW I loved tracking online, but when I stopped and tried to log calories somewhere else I really didn’t like it. I tried multiple different sites but never kept up with it. Now I just use a small notebook and I tracked for pretty much the whole month of September. For some reason it’s much easier for me to use the notebook.
    It sounds like you had a great week!! If I had access to a dining hall I think I would go a little overboard..

  2. You are so funny about the “pretty” log. I will often log my food on post-it notes, then throw them away at the end of the day. Different strokes 🙂

    Thank goodness moderate amounts of caffeine is good for you (unlike so much else that I love)…and I totally agree it will energize you for working out. I’m so glad Jillian Michaels doesn’t want me to give up my 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning. I ♥ it so.

    I added your gratitude photo blog to the blogroll on mine 🙂

  3. Caroline: I LOVE office supplies, especially Post It Notes. Based on what you wrote, I think I might start keeping a few in my food journal so I can ensure it stays looking pretty! 🙂

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