Week in Review/Next Week’s Preview

These were last week’s weekly goals:

  • meet the same ole nutritional goals (1200-1300 calories, 50% of calories from carbs, 25% from fat, 25% from protein, 5 produce servings, 2 dairy servings, 25g fiber, sodium under 2200mg, 8 glasses of water) : I stayed within these goals about 75% of the time.
  • Log food. Daily! No excuses! : 100% successful! Even though I judged a food competition on Saturday and couldn’t calculate calories, I logged everything in my food journal.
  • Lose 1-2 pounds : Only 1/2 a pound, but it was a 4 day weigh in week due to last weekend’s plans.
  • Follow the training plan : 85% successful! (What’s lacking? Strength training. I’ll have a post on this next week.)
  • Minimum 7.5 hours of sleep : 100% successful! (I even got 8.5 hours on Monday and Thursday nights!)
  • Read daily : uhhhhhh…. not so much. Unless you count the 300-ish e-mails I got at work this week.

The next week is going to be challenging. I’m running a search to fill a position we have had open, which means that I’m bringing candidates back and forth to the airport this week and taking them out to dinner. I think I’ve found a way to stick with my original plan, making slight modifications to better parallel this week’s schedule. I’m also taking them to dinner at places where I KNOW I can get meals that will fit into my 1200-1300 calorie a day diet.

I also wanted to alter my training plan slightly so I can workout with a friend more often. My friend Brittany is a Women’s Day SlimDown blogger who has lost almost 17lbs in the past couple months, and we used to have walking dates almost every Tuesday. She recently joined my gym and is running (longer and faster than me) and taking spin classes, but we do it on opposite days. We’re trying to switch up our schedules a bit so we have time to hang again.

My mileage increases to 2 mile runs this week. I’m not scared yet, even though my first 1.5 mile run last week was harder than I expected. I’ve done this before. I’ve run more than 3 miles. I’ll get there again (and surpass it). I’ve promised myself that I won’t let myself get scared until I hit 4 miles for now. And when I get there, I’ll convince myself that I’m already doing 3.5 mile runs. What’s another half mile?

Here’s the training plan, meal plan and crazy schedule I have this week:


  • Training: Rest Day
  • Dinner: at Outback
  • PM plans: bring car to the dealer for oil change and to find out why my coolant appears to be leaking IN my car :{


  • Training: 2 mile run, strength
  • Dinner: Beef Stew & Salad
  • PM plans: evening program at work


  • Training: 45 minute cross training (in the morning)
  • Dinner: out with candidate (crab salad at local Italian place!)
  • PM plans: bring candidate to dinner and on a brief area tour


  • Training: 45 minute spin class
  • Dinner: cauliflower soup and roasted veggie fall salad (roasted mushrooms, butternut squash and onion on baby spinach with balsamic vinaigrette and walnuts)
  • PM plans: bring candidate to the airport (an hour long drive each way)


  • Training:
  • Dinner: out with candidate
  • PM plans: go to bed early–I gotta leave to drive this candidate to the airport at 4am Saturday.


  • Training: Stretch/Strength (might take a yoga class or do a DVD at home)
  • Dinner/PM plans: Wedding!


Thank you also to everyone who gave such great advice on running last week. So far, based on your advice, I’m going to implement the following:

  • Look into getting a foam roller for leg muscle tightness.
  • Schedule 1-2 of my runs each week to be outdoors–preferably the long run (long runs start next week). Now that the weather is starting to cool off, it’s much more tempting for me. I love the crisp fall air and I especially liked running in the dark/at dusk last week.
  • Download some podcasts (I LOVE NPR, miss Jillian’s show, and keep hearing good things about Two Fit Chicks)
  • Focus on my stride (Chi Running recommended some guided imagery–one was imagine your legs are loose and free… I see challenges with this, but I’m gonna give it a try.)
  • Journal my runs in my food diary. Will use the notes space to log how I feel before/during/after runs and can compare that with what I log for food, sleep, hydration, etc.

Weekly Goals: as I consistently meet certain goals, they’ll be removed from this list (and considered a permanent change instead of a “goal”) and replaced with new challenges. For example, this week, I removed the “sleep 7.5+ hours daily” and “follow the training plan” goals and replaced them with sugar and coffee limits. I’d actually like to shrink this list to a more manageable 3-5 weekly aspirations.

  • Limit coffee to 1 cup in the afternoon (new!)
  • Limit daily grams of sugar to <30 (new!)
  • meet the same ole nutritional goals (1200-1300 calories, 50% of calories from carbs, 25% from fat, 25% from protein, 5 produce servings, 2 dairy servings, 25g fiber, sodium under 2200mg, 8 glasses of water)
  • Log food. Daily! No excuses!
  • Lose 1-2 pounds weekly
  • Read daily


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