Finally, a day of rest

Even though my schedule has calmed down considerably since August, I’ve managed to keep super busy. On the weekends I’ve traveled (I did the 4.5 hour trek to Connecticut twice in September), Evan and I have had plans or I’ve filled it with chores and tasks, leaving me absolutely no down time.

It was wearing on me. In fact, by Saturday, I had a dull throbbing headache that didn’t even go away when Evan surprised me with a caffeinated nonfat latte.

I made sure that Friday night and Saturday evening I finished every household chore I needed to get done. That included 3 loads of laundry, dusting the entire house (Evan vacuumed it all) and cleaning the bathroom. I also made Crock Pot apple butter with some apples that weren’t going to last much longer. I did my meal and exercise planning for the week and went to the supermarket.

On Sunday, I groaned when the alarm went off at 8am, but the ONLY thing on my task list was to do spin class, so I was going. After that, the only plan I had was to shower, get back in my pjs and wrap myself up in fleecy blankets on the sofa and read.

It. Was. Wonderful.

I finished David Sedaris’ new book “Squirrel Loves Chipmunk: A Modern Bestiary” and resumed reading Aimee Bender‘s delightful “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.” At one point, I took a break for a few hours before Evan left for work. We watched Top Chef Just Desserts, ate lightened up nachos for lunch and talked for awhile about our plans for the next week and how comfortable this living together business has been after working out the kinks his first two weeks here.

At the end of the day, I was still tired but I felt rested. At peace. Balanced.

THIS is what I need more of in my life. I have to remind myself not to get too caught up in staying busy. I sometimes fill my time with useless stuff: cooking because I’m curious about a new recipe (not because I need or even want the food), going to run errands but essentially window shopping (although I really do need a pair of smaller jeans and would love to go back and get that leopard-print skirt at JCPenney’s…). In the meantime, I’ve set this weekly daily goal of reading and it keeps getting shoved aside because my time is monopolized by this other stuff.

I’m not doing it anymore.

I’m dedicating one day (or at least an evening) per week of doing NOTHING. No housework, no errands, no working from home. The only thing I allow myself on those days is my workout–partly because scheduling this would be too difficult otherwise and mostly because lounging around in comfy clothes, freshly showered after a good workout feels so darn good.

Do you have days where you just need to stay home and do nothing? How often does that happen?


9 responses to “Finally, a day of rest

  1. I was back in my jammies by 2 yesterday. My plan was nothing, but I ended up spending the day in the kitchen because that is where I de-stress, where I release. I love starting with a pile of things in measuring cups and ending up with something wonderful. And there are few things that give me the sense of accomplishment I get from a clean kitchen.

    To days well spent, my friend. And to many more.

  2. Love this post – mostly because it reminded me that it’s important to take a break every now and then. I try to keep Sundays as lazy days. Long run when I get up and then shower and back into sweatpants. Then I am on the couch the rest of the day reading and watching football (and maybe cooking a little bit!)

  3. I sometimes get to do that on Saturdays, but more often I feel the need to run an errand or something. It is nice when you get the chance to do NOTHING. I have two little boys, so it is a rare thing! I love to read also, and about the only time I ever do it anymore is when I am sitting at my kids’ karate classes (1.5 hours back to back). But more than half the time, even then, I drop them off and run errands. I think setting aside a time for reading is a great idea. Gotta do that! Also, LOVE David Sedaris!

  4. With Rob working 20-hour days due to a trial, I’m on single-mother duty for now. So I’ve been trying really hard to get the kids down for bed early (with the bus coming before 7:00, this is important for them, too, and Clare is a baby and also needs to be down early) and then after they go to sleep I’ve been trying to do nothing. No chores, no leftover work, except make sure the backpacks are ready for the morning. I also try to keep the tv off, because if it goes on I’ll get sucked in and before I know it it’s too late and I didn’t even enjoy myself all that much. I’ve always been a night owl, but I have been loving my early evenings reading a book in my pj’s – and I’m getting a reasonable amount of sleep, too! Amazing!

  5. @Kate: Evan and I have already agreed that when we have kids, they will have a regularly occurring bedtime both for their health and well-being and for mom and dad’s sanity and couple time. That said, I don’t know how in the world you play single mom with three kids–especially with one very mobile and fast-moving baby! You’re amazing.

  6. I loved the Aimee Bender book!
    Monthly sick leave day for mental reprieve required as standard practice.

  7. I do need where I do nothing, just veg, watch tv and not feel bad about it. I actually pretty much did that all weekend, but felt a tad guilty. I think reserving time during the week or weekend to just be is a great idea!

  8. you deserve a day of rest! i’m taking mine RIGHT NOW. i drank the water fountain in trenton today (read the news about this dirty, unfiltered situation) and i had a household full of people over all weekend. i need a night to sleep and start reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

    i TOO need some smaller pants and would love to go shopping with you. i’m hoping to see you at the gym this week! i miss you!

  9. @Brittany: We didn’t even find out about the boil water advisory until 8pm-ish–that was a full 8-9 hours after the water problem initially started. I’m so grossed out. Also, I’m going to bust my butt to get to Thursday’s spin class. (Tonight I’m going to the gym by 5p because I have an evening program to attend, Wednesday I’m cross training, but will probably have to do it in the morning and Friday I’m going to try to fit in a run, but I’m not sure when. It may have to be in the morning.)

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