Fashion Friday!

Last week, FatBridesmaid invited folks to take pictures of their outfits this week for a fashion Friday post. Since last week I wore jeans to work three times and was feeling a general blah when it came to this transitional summer/fall wardrobe, I needed the challenge. Otherwise, I feared I’d start showing up to work in the Old Navy flannel snowflake pajama bottoms I’ve been wearing on a monthly basis (yes, even in the summer) since grunge was still popular.

Fashion side note: Am I the only one who is more than a little excited about the resurgence of chunky-soled shoes and plaid? The 90s are back, baby!

I swear I have more in my closet, but there is a heck of a lot of clothing from Target in here. That’s funny considering I never go clothes shopping at Target–I just occasionally notice things there that I decide I like and should purchase–

So here, I give you a week of outfits:

Monday: Professional and classic with a touch of feminine.


Close-up of sweater print



Gotta love accessories!


  • Lane Bryant Right Fit Lexington Pants in black
  • Merona (from Target) tissue thin, drape neck tank top in white
  • Merona (from Target) summer-weight, 3/4 sleeve cardigan in this blue/white pattern that reminds me of a weeping willow tree
  • ana ankle boots (from JCPenney)
  • Silver bracelet from Kohl’s (it perfectly hides my tattoo and I love the bird engraving)
  • Silver ring that I’ve had forever and absolutely love
  • Silver and some kind of mineral/gemstone earrings from Target (does anyone know what this stone is?)

Tuesday (work): a little too matchy-matchy but I love these colors and they look great with Lorrie’s earrings.


Welcome Fall Wardrobe!



LOVE these earrings and they always get tons of compliments (thanks, Lorrie!!).


  • Grayish-blue stretch pencil skirt
  • Moss green lightweight cardigan (Target)
  • Brown tank top (from Lane Bryant and too big, so I have to wear it with a cardigan, but I love the satin slightly gathered neckline)
  • brown tights and brown knee-high boots
  • Long beaded necklace
  • Organism earrings from Lorrie
  • Fossil watch with brown leather and green suede band

Wednesday: I’m not sure what to call this… colorful and modern?


Have I told you I am obsessed with gray shoes?


  • Purple cropped short-sleeved jacket (Lane Bryant)
  • White tank with sequin scoop neck (Lane Bryant)
  • Lee jeans
  • Madden Girl gray round toe pumps (my favorite pair of shoes in my collection and also the most comfortable)
  • The same silver jewelry from Monday

Thursday: Dressed for success!


Love the waistline on this dress and the shoes.


  • Blue, green and black print dress (part of my closet-consuming JCPenney/Kohl’s dress collection–I think this one is from Penney’s)
  • Black leather heels–do you know how difficult it is to find leather shoes around here? And I’ve already scuffed the toes after just 4 or 5 wears.
  • Silver drop earrings
  • Silver hummingbird necklace
  • The same silver bracelet and ring from Monday



Sorry for the dull picture. My bedroom has better lighting but Evan was still sleeping.


  • Worthington “Curvy” pants with a subtle navy, cream and black plaid pattern
  • Short-sleeved v-neck sweater with button detail on sleeve (Ann Taylor)
  • the same ana black ankle boots from Monday
  • the same jewelry (minus the hummingbird necklace) from yesterday

When it’s all said and done, I feel the need to update my wardrobe, but don’t know what to get. I’m thinking my “must-have” list includes way too many boots and a few essentials:

  • black knee-high leather boots
  • brown or taupe or camel boots (I like these and these and a pair by Michael Kors that I could/would never justify dropping $400 on, even if it is on sale)
  • I’d like to justify also getting a pair of grey suede boots like these.
  • a new pair of jeans (my most commonly worn pair is a size too big now)
  • Longer pants (to wear with heels)
  • a denim skirt
  • Sheer black tights and a few pairs of ‘hose
  • All of my pants are wider-leg trousers, but now that I’ve lost more weight, I’m tempted to try a straight leg for a change
  • A brown leather belt

My fall/winter wardrobe contains a mind-blowing number of cardigans (2 white ones, 1 or 2 cream-colored ones, 2 brown ones, blue, yellow, moss, aqua, orange–and I’m sure I’m forgetting some others). It makes getting dressed easy and results in comfortable outfits.

While I love dresses in the summer, I don’t love them as much in the winter. I hate fussing with hose and tights and I find it challenging to find those that fit and look right (what I want: tights that are a little bit sheer and long enough so I don’t feel the crotch sagging all day). Suggestions? I’m 5’9″.

Also, I have hang-ups about my legs. I have thick, chunky calves that can’t carry off wearing ankle boots with a dress and it’s difficult to find knee-high boots that fit (and in case you couldn’t tell, I lovvvvve boots in the fall/winter).

So, you’ve seen my pictures for this week, you know what I have (and what I don’t) and you know my clothing/body hang-ups. Pretend I’m one of your paper dolls. What would you dress me in?

Also, Elizabeth & Kyle… if you’re reading, didn’t you promise me a wardrobe makeover? πŸ˜‰


7 responses to “Fashion Friday!

  1. Oooh I love how you amped up your outfits with great accessories. That’s one area I definitely need to add into my outfits more.

    And I’m a total cardigan junkie too.

  2. I have those Lorrie earrings too! They draw so much attention!

    I love tights and high boots with dresses. The right boots were hard to find, but soooo worth it.

    Girl, your level of cuteness? Out. Of. Control.

  3. You guys are awesome. You know what happens when you have kids and are a stay-at-home mom? You wear work-out clothes all the time. But I am loving seeing everything you all put together. I don’t wish I was still working (I love being able to be a SAHM), but I do miss being young and having a reason to get dressed πŸ™‚

  4. I gotta agree with Krissie, OOC sounds about right for how adorable you are. Nice change of pace article this week babe, sorry I was sleeping when you took those last pics, too bad you can’t use the Droid lightbulb feature AND take a pic at the same time. Keep up the stylin’ ways, I don’t think you’re gonna have an issue with that!

  5. I wish I could beam you over to my house so you could put together outfits for me…makes me want to go shopping for new clothes. Looks great!

  6. What a great post. You put together some nice looking outfits. I feel like everything in my closet is so boring. I used to love fashion, but at this weight, I’m not feeling motivated to try very hard. I’m looking forward to getting back down to a size where I can put a little more style in my clothes.

  7. @Bella: You’ll get there. Promise. In the meantime, start clipping pictures of your favorite styles. It will really help when it comes time to do that first mini-shopping spree πŸ™‚ Also, cardigans (especially if you add a belt to them) and dresses are brilliant for people losing weight. They fit longer with few minor adjustments, so you don’t look frumpy or need a new wardrobe every time you shrink a size.

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