Weigh In Friday

I am down! 1.1lbs. And that’s a good thing. I’m steadily nearing the weight I was at back in July/August before work and life got in the way. A little more than 2 lbs to go. It’s been mostly easy to stay on track with eating this week, despite having three dinners out and working late 3 nights this week.

I’m starting to plan my weekend. I like this concept of planning the work week and then moving onto the weekend. It helps make this commitment to diet and fitness feel like it’s easier, more manageable bites.

The weekend includes:

  • an early morning trip to bring someone to the airport Saturday
  • a 2 mile run (tomorrow) and 30 minutes of cross-training (tonight)
  • a wedding
  • meal planning and grocery shopping
  • re-adjusting my training schedule to deal with yesterday’s challenge of pretending my strength-training plan doesn’t exist
  • more naps and reading

What are you doing this weekend?


4 responses to “Weigh In Friday

  1. My weekend is jam packed! Tonight I get to do some more wedding cookie baking. 10-mile run Saturday morning. Hanging with brother and new fiancé from Kansas the rest of the day. Sunday will be a quick run and some yoga to loosen up, then I am the candid photographer of a wedding.

    Remind me why I’m looking forward to the weekend again? This sounds exhausting!

  2. Woooo for a loss! Go you!

    This weekend? I’m babysitting the Best Friend’s Baby (snuggles!), doing a wine tasting, and hanging out at home. Oh, and running w4d3 of C25K.

  3. Sounds like it’s a big wedding weekend! Off to Boston tomorrow morning for my cousin’s. Have fun and good luck with the run tomorrow!

  4. My weekend includes the Tampa Police Memorial 5K tomorrow with a friend (so excited! it will be so beautiful to run along the bay in this gorgeous weather), a housewarming party for friends at their new house at the beach…a rooftop party!, the gym and then a visit to a corn maze with my little boys and husband on Sunday. Good weekend. Best time of year in Florida 🙂

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