I feel pretty… oh so pretty!

Never EVER in my life have I walked into a store needing an article of clothing and walked out with it 15 minutes later.

Until this weekend.

I woke up Saturday wanting a new dress for the wedding Evan and I were going to that night. Then, once I heard what others were wearing and learned where it would be (a pirate ship! but a fine dining pirate ship!), I realized I needed a new dress.

I walked into JCPenney’s both excited for a new outfit and dreading the process of actually finding one. In the past, I’ve had to try on anywhere from 10 to 50 dresses before I’m happy. And oftentimes, I’d decide not to purchase anything and stick with whatever plain black dress pants and modest, but pretty tunic I had hanging in the closet.

This time, I tried one.

This one:

It’s knee length. Size 16. Perfect fit from hips down, but slightly big up top. I wore it with pearl drop earrings, nude hose and black leather, pointy-toed heels.

Despite having to make a last minute trek back to the store to have them take off the security tag, I was singing this all the way to the ceremony:

Damn… buying clothes is easy at this size!


5 responses to “I feel pretty… oh so pretty!

  1. Ohhhh i love love love it – and it fits you perfectly. Always good to have a solid “event dress” in the closet.

  2. Wonderful! I love that feeling, when clothes actually *work* for you! After the weight I’ve lost in the past few years, I’m finding I can’t even shop at Filene’s Basement anymore… Almost everything is too big for me now? That’s an entirely new feeling, also awesome!

    And I totally wish I had gone to a wedding on a pirate ship…!

  3. That dress is so pretty! You look hott!
    I have to say after this picture and the ones you posted the other day.. you are very stylish! I wear the same things all of the time. I should take some tips from you!

  4. …And you look pretty too! Great dress.

  5. You are rockin’ it, mama!! Looks beautiful on your looking good body.

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