Weigh in Friday–er, Saturday!

Sorry for the absence! I took Thursday and Friday off for a mental health vacation and ended up not blogging either. Thursday, I did my “long” run (2.5 miles), ran some errands, met up with a colleague for hors d’oervres (which ended up being dinner) and then had date night with Evan. Friday included yoga, a ton of laundry and baking. Today agenda includes a run, catching up on my Thankful blog project, going to see The Social Network and grocery shopping.

But let’s just cut to the chase. I have a totally random 3.8lb gain this week, despite perfectly following my workout plan for the week, sticking to my calorie limits daily (minus the day of the wedding) and getting plenty of sleep. I’m measuring my food and logging it in my spiral bound food journal.

I am starting to suspect I might have a wheat or gluten sensitivity. This week, I had pasta or bread at dinner Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and Tuesday overall was a high carb day. Throughout this week, I progressively felt more bloated, had stomach pains and overall, feel like I have a brick sitting in my gut. And now I have a nearly 4lb gain. In a matter of days. (I monitor my weight throughout the week. This appeared Thursday morning.)

Oddly enough, I feel at peace with this weigh in. I’m still wearing the same clothes, including a new, smaller pair of jeans. I feel better about myself and my body than I have in decades. I’m fine. Part of me suspects that after a week of eating a little differently in the carb department will lead to a big loss and much less tummy trouble. So, I’m being patient and soldiering on.


3 responses to “Weigh in Friday–er, Saturday!

  1. Running and Yoga, sounds like my life at the moment! Had a look at your pix, and you have done really well, congrats! All the best in achieving your future goals x

  2. That’s an awesome outlook! Often, weight loss is tricky like that–you have one or two “bad” days that shake up your weigh-in, and then the following week the loss you might track could be staggering. Or not. Sometimes, your body does things beyond what you’d expect because of diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I’m awed at your tracking habits–I used the Weight Watcher’s weekly booklets, but I always give them to my meeting leader, so I never have more than a few days to look back and compare against.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been there with seeing sevral random pounds show up on the scale one day. But I’ve never been able to find a good explanation (other than sodium) like you did. But fortunately things usually go back to normal, though certainly not always.

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