Death by cookie dough

A special thank you goes to my friend Jenny from saving me from salmonella poisoning. I made pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night to bring home tomorrow and the cookie dough was so good, I think I had 2 cookies worth. Fortunately, Jenny & I had a phone date, and it would have been rude of me to choke on raw cookie dough as we caught up on what was happening in each of our lives.

This week is undoubtably a challenge and not just because I baked sweets. As you may know from my Thankful blog, my grandfather passed away Sunday and the services are this Thursday and Friday. The food will be minimally in my control. I’m not going to obsess over it, knowing that my options will be limited, and I will be stressed. I will be mindful to eat when I’m hungry and eat until I’m satisfied–no more.

Due to the back, this week’s workout plan is strictly walking–and slowly and in little bits (less than 2 miles at a clip) at best. The good news is that my back is feeling better daily. This morning I didn’t even take muscle relaxants because the pain was manageable, and I need to be able to put my full attention on some administrative responsibilities at work.

If I maintainmy weight this week, I’ll be happy. If I lose weight, it will be divine intervention. (Hear that Gramps? I know you’re getting settled, but if you want to take a few pounds of extra padding from me, I won’t complain.)

I’m not sure when weigh in with be–either tomorrow or Sunday, since I’ll be out of town in between. To be continued…


3 responses to “Death by cookie dough

  1. Glad your back is feeling better. Take it easy!

  2. Sorry about your grandpa. At least you had him in your life for many yrs.

  3. Those cookies sound amazing! Love all the pumpkin stuff in the fall.

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