Weekly Plan: Week of October 25

Let’s consider last week a loss in terms of sticking with any plan. Exercise didn’t happen, unless you count a few geriatric speed walks. (Scratch that: I’ve seen old ladies in nursing homes cruise faster than I did last week.) Coffee was consumed to stave off the coma threatened by the muscle relaxants. The last meal I logged was the dinner I ate right before I learned my grandfather died. It was a little creepy flipping through my food log and seeing that.

This week the plan is to try hard to stick with the 1200-1300 calorie range and appropriate carb/protein/fat balances, as my weight has continued to creep up. Funeral food (pizza pre-wake, appetizers and martinis post-wake, my sister’s amazing pumpkin scones, etc.) didn’t help. My back is also feeling about 90% better, so I’m getting back to jogging and just making sure that I stretch properly and keep good form. Today is planned out (mmmmm… pumpkin smoothie for a pre-workout snack!) and calories are logged.

Goals for the Week of October 25: some things are coming back as I return to my healthy habits.

  • Limit caffeinated coffee to 1 cup, preferably in the afternoon
  • meet the same ole nutritional goals (1200-1300 calories, 50% of calories from carbs, 25% from fat, 25% from protein, 5 produce servings, 2 dairy servings, 25g fiber, sodium under 2200mg, 8 glasses of water)
  • Log food. Daily! No excuses! 
  • Lose 1-2 pounds weekly. 
  • Read daily.
  • Limit sweets to home-baked items in moderation & the occasional post-lunch piece of chocolate

This week’s plan:


  • 2 mile walk, strength-training
  • Chicken breast w/wing sauce, cauliflower, green beans, roasted potato


  • 2 mile interval run
  • leftovers
  • programs to attend tonight


  • spin & abs class
  • chili and green beans


  • 3-3.5 mile run
  • pasta for E (spaghetti squash for me) with mushrooms, garlic, crushed red pepper, sausage and parmesan. Steamed spinach on the side.


  • yoga @ 12:15
  • leftovers
  • on call for work


  • 2 mile outdoor run
  • grocery shopping
  • Dinner To Be Determined (depends on whether E’s home and what we have for leftovers)


  • rest day or morning spin class
  • dinner depends on our grocery haul.

One response to “Weekly Plan: Week of October 25

  1. Way to get back on track. I think I need a plan like yours. …Although you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Funerals and back injuries super suck. Talk about a double-whammy.

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