How to know when to call it a day

Yesterday, I was insisting that I’d stick with my evening run, despite feeling like a piece of roadkill that had been run over repeatedly during rush hour. And then, I got out of work later than expected and didn’t get to eat until 8pm. By the time I would have been able to go running, it would have been 8:30 and then back at 9pm and then showered with practically no downtime before my 10pm bedtime. That wasn’t gonna work.

I asked myself why I was planning to run (Note that I didn’t ask myself why I wanted to run–I asked why I was gonna do it anyway). The answer was “Because I’m afraid of falling behind on my training.” I no longer felt as if I’d feel good after the run–just more exhausted. So I nixed it.

Instead, I came home, ate dinner, prepared my pre-spin class snack for Wednesday (so there’d be no more hang-ups or excuses) and I rested. I read and was in bed before 10pm.

Today, I thought I’d wake up by 6:30, feel rested and be ready to deal with the day.


I’ve been up since 4:30am, and the day already feels like a disaster. To top it all off, I’ve got a full day of personal interactions at work that will either keep me going (optimism) or drive me nuts (pessimism). So, I decided that I’d meet up with my old friend, the triple grande nonfat latte this morning.

Hey! You can’t win ’em all.


5 responses to “How to know when to call it a day

  1. Aww, friend. Just know that you are doing the best you can with the hand you were dealt. Was it smart for me to take off a full week before the taper week before the half? Nope. But a random minor (and annoying) health issue made it necessary.

    Here’s hoping for energizing interactions, funny emails, and that familiar caffeine buzz on this lovely Wednesday.

  2. Youve been through a lot, sometimes a girl just needs to go to bed at a reasonable hour 🙂 Fingers crossed for you that they day will be full of the things that make you feel optimistic instead of pessimistic.

    (PS after walking my dog in the rain and getting entirely soaked AFTER I had already showered and dried my hair, I think today officially needs a start over button)

  3. Go for a run.. I haven’t been able to sleep for day days and didn’t want to run yesterday but I forced myself too because of the Turkey Trot.. I only did 2 miles veruss what I planned but I felt eerily calm afterwards and slept… def helped me feel better so I called dad to tell him he needed to go for a walk to start sleeping well again.. you need the endorphin boost..

  4. I feel the same way about a run sometimes. A friend asked me if I actually liked it when I was talking about my training schedule (which I’ve fallen behind on, but it’s okay). And when I eventually did get out there, I realized I do like it, and I do like how it makes me feel. I actually had a week of non-exercise (because of rain since I’m afraid to run in it, and sickness) and found my mood to be much more foul; I attribute it to the lack of endorphins that I’m used to. But sometimes, you just have to call say no for a day and pick it up another day. It’ll all work out. 🙂 I’m a true believer in that!

  5. I actually have more energy and sleep better when I exercise – its so weird because you would think the opposite would happen.

    Hang in there – and have a great weekend! 😀

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