One day at a time….

Did you watch these ladies (and that gentleman) when you were a kid?

Photo from

I did. Loved ’em! Even though it doesn’t make sense, I hummed their theme song as a mantra yesterday in an attempt to gradually get back to losing weight and training for the Manchester Road Race which is in three and a half weeks. When I’m complacent and impulse-driven with my food and training, I guess I am living in the present. So, perhaps, I’ll just change the lyrics to “One choice at a time.” That works…

I’m not happy with my “choice” to indulge in what ended up being 400 calories of sugar at mid-morning snack–I wasn’t even hungry. Sweets–or really carbs in general–are a freakin’ battleground for me these days. Any advice on how to conquer this? I’m thinking of going cold turkey with exceptions only for holiday celebrations with my and Evan’s families (even still, that adds up with 2 Thanksgivings, Hannukah, Christmas Eve and Christmas).

Unfortunately, we also have a ton of sweets in the house too. Brownies that I baked this weekend for Evan and I. An apple cake for a work party and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for friends. I could toss them in the trash, but then the food wins and I’m essentially telling myself that I am powerless over food. I’m not willing to lose that battle.

I am starting to add a magnesium supplement (only 67% of the RDA, so no risk of toxicity). Magnesium can help fight PMS symptoms and metabolic syndrome (which I have thanks to PCOS and the subsequent pre-diabetes) and may strengthen nervous system functioning. Perhaps this will help calm the stress I’ve been battling and trying to work through.

Breakfast (290 calories):

  • 2 slices of light rye with 1/2 TBS of Smart Balance
  • 1/2 a cup of egg whites scrambled with 1 oz of goat cheese
  • 1 cup of decaf coffee with 2 TBS organic half and half

Snack (407 calories):

  • The plan was to have the tiniest of slices of apple cake at a work welcome party, but it ended up being that plus a Munchkin plus a cookie. I estimated it was 270 calories (150 for cake + 50 for Munchkin + 70 for cookie), but in reality it was 407 (223 for cake + 66 for Munchkin + 118 for cookie)–even though the cookie was the size of a half dollar and the cake was only 1/2 inch wide sliver. It’s amazing what you learn on thost calorie count websites when you plug in your recipes. Yikes!

Lunch (170 calories):

  • tuna on light wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and extra pickles
  • carrot and celery sticks
  • I was going to have a half serving of Trader Joe Ginger Cats until I did the math of the morning snack damage–had a couple pieces of sugar free gum and a cup of decaf tea instead.


  • banana with 1 TBS peanut butter. The pb was deleted to make up for the morning snack and the banana tasted gross, so I only had 2 bites.


  • 1.7 mile run outdoors. My iPod was about to die just a couple minutes into my run, but fortunately Evan was just coming back from running an errand so we did an iPod swap. Perfect timing!

Dinner (400 calories):

  • the plan was roasted chicken, carrots and parsnips and Mushroom Tart (from Everyday Food, September 2010) but Evan decided we needed to get out of the house, so we went on a marathon long trek to find Ruby Tuesday’s (because they usually have a decent salad bar and I had a coupon for Buy One, Get One free entree). I had a petite steak, snap peas and asparagus and a few bites of a less than stellar salad bar salad. Under 400 calories.

Dessert (75 calories):

  • Trader Joe’s Ginger Cats (<3/4 serving)
  • decaf green tea

The Stats:

  • 9 hours of sleep last night (of course, I’m still behind thanks to a very late duty night and the chronic inability to nap).
  • 8 glasses of water plus at least 3 cups of decaf green tea
  • 1350-ish calories

Forgive the boring post…. I may need to stick with this a bit for accountability purposes. I promise future posts will have more than just an overanalysis into the calories I scarfed.


4 responses to “One day at a time….

  1. Wow – magnesium, huh?
    I’ll have to check that out!
    I just went back and rad about the Spotties.
    They are cute – sounds like you have a great time!

  2. “if I want it bad enough then I can eat it tomorrow” (works for me)

    when that doesn’t work I throw it out… you still win because you’re not eating the food and that’s the goal… UB doesn’t keep alcohol in his house..

  3. @Val: Ha ha… good point about the alcohol. But he can also go to an event that involves alcohol and doesn’t indulge the urge to partake in the drinking.

  4. But he also listens to 5 hours of tapes a day and goes to regular meetings to ensure he doesn’t drink… every thanksgiving he leaves us early to go to a meeting… no matter what food or alcohol it still is addiction.. the only problem is we have to eat so we still tease ourselves…

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