It gets better…

Tuesday, I woke up, having gotten a solid 8+ hours of sleep and feeling good about Monday’s choices. Even if morning snack threatened to derail me, my ability to stay on track the rest of the day, go for my first solid run in two weeks and even submit to Evan’s spontaneous recommendation that we go out to eat instead of eating the planned, balanced 350 calorie dinner were all signs that pointed towards progress.

I’ll take it.


Tuesday, I stayed reigned in on my most challenging (lately) meal of the day: lunch. I had summer squash and a lean pork roast and one ONE mini Kit Kat.

Although I started psyching myself up for my 3-3.5 mile run at 2:30, so I’d be mentally in the game by the time the run was scheduled, at 5pm, I DID complete 3.2 miles with just a 3 minute warm up walk and 1 minute walking breaks every 14 minutes. It felt good.

Today could be another story. I’m on “alert” for red flag situations. Although I felt blissfully sleepy and relaxed by 9:30pm and hopped into bed immediately after showering off my running stench, I have been mostly awake since 2am.  Fatigue is a big diet sinkhole for me. It creates the desire to habitually and mindlessly nosh. Fortunately, I have a plan in place. It started with a healthy breakfast (egg whites, goat cheese & rye toast), a special little red cup jump start (52 more days until Christmas!) and gum and hard candy to keep my mouth busy and away from higher calorie grazing opportunities that will bust this week’s weight loss. Yes, I said weight loss. The scale appears to be down a pound this week already.  Bring out the party hats!

One response to “It gets better…

  1. I’m the same way when I’m tired. I like to snack on anything I can find. I try to get as much sleep as I can, so I won’t have this problem, but every so often I’m straining to keep my eyes open. Looks like you had a good plan though. Good job on the weight loss this week!

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