Weigh In: Reality Sets In

Up 1.8lbs. Hormones? Not sure what the reason is since I was consistently showing a 1lb LOSS up until Friday.

My non-scale victories this week:

  • putting on last winter’s favorite sweater and realizing it’s a little too big
  • wearing jeans in a size 16
  • Running a 3.2 miler on the Treadmill and doing 2 outdoor 1.8 mile runs
  • Having a shitload of baked goods in the house and not eating more than 2 pumpkin cookies and 1 slice of apple cake all week.

Still, something went wrong. Do scents have calories? Maybe just smelling the baked goods deposited fat on my ass this week.

The week is planned out, groceries are purchased and I already did my 1.8 mile run this morning, despite cold, dry air that left me wheezing. I may have to shift some workouts (Monday & Thursday, maybe Tuesday) to the mornings because my nights are pretty busy this week.


  • 1.8 mile outdoor run
  • dinner: horseradish salmon, latkes, swiss chard and green beans
  • doing work at home and on-call today–hopefully it will be productive!


  • run to the mall to possibly get brown winter shoes/boots and corduroys, visit friend after work
  • workout: 2 mile run in the morning
  • dinner: dinner out, leftovers or at his house. Not sure yet.


  • 3.75-4 mile run (longest distance EVER!)
  • dinner: ginger garlic chicken, dashi mushrooms and mashed potatoes
  • PM plans: celebrate that run with a hot shower, tons of stretching and decaf green tea, evening program to attend at work


  • rest day/stretching
  • dinner: beer & burger at Monks
  • PM plans: Sufjan Stevens concert


  • 2 mile run
  • dinner: sesame chicken with green beans (or snow peas) and brown rice
  • PM plans: 2 mile run, hang with Evan, evening programs at work & on-call


  • yoga & spin class
  • dinner: leftovers
  • PM plans: relax!


  • 2 mile outdoor run & a spin class
  • dinners: to be determined… possibly a lentil soup or chicken marsala
  • plans: start preparing for Christmas (clean out closets, bring too-big clothes to Goodwill, start shopping)

4 responses to “Weigh In: Reality Sets In

  1. There could be a bunch of different reasons why you had a weight gain.. could be water weight, hormones… Don’t let it discourage you. Stay positive. You can do it!

  2. Please swap that 2 mile run on Thursday for spin class with yours truly! That’s a lot of running for one week miss tina. CROSS TRAINING! where is it? don’t push too hard or you’ll end up with a bum leg like me!

  3. I’ve realized that our bodies do really REALLY strange thing sometimes! Don’t worry too much about it, i’m sure it’s a non-gain really. Probably water weight, hormones who knows!

  4. I wish I could Brit, but I’m on duty and have programs to attend at 7pm and 8pm 😦

    But I have a bruised toenail from running. How exciting! I’m a runner!

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