What’s next?

I may be thinking a little too far ahead, but once the race is done on Thanksgiving (2 weeks from yesterday!), I may need to have another goal to get me through the holidays. I don’t know that it’s reasonable to plan another race. The schedule around the holidays can be nutty, and I know I won’t have the time for 6 day a week workouts. Here are some of the rambling thoughts:

  • I want to maintain my running endurance. That means I’ll need to do a short run weekly and a longer run weekly.
  • I want to do better with strengthening and stretching. I don’t hate those activities, but I don’t like them, and I’m not good at them. If I replaced the phrase “strengthening and stretching” with “running”, just a year or so ago I would have been saying I hate, don’t like and am not good at that either, and now I really enjoy it. Not liking or being good at something isn’t a good enough reason to avoid it. This doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be a yoga class, but I will be checking out the Monday morning class at the gym and a nearby yoga studio that recently opened up down the road.
  • And I still love, love, LOVE spin class–especially on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

That said, my end-of-year fitness goal is to develop a plan that emphasizes a stretch and tone routine and maintaining my cardio endurance.

My plan is to also be flexible with my schedule and to provide myself with more time to do some career planning. My after work time has been filled with training time and then some evening events that I have to/want to attend. Fortunately, since both of those schedules are winding down a bit, I can maximize my time to:

  • do some longer-range career goal setting
  • plot out timelines to reach said goals
  • figure out what is it that I really want to do or be next
  • and the all-important updating of my personal budget

Gotta start 2011 on a good foot, yo! It’s like an 8k training schedule but for my career! And I plan to make it just as pretty as my training calendars.


2 responses to “What’s next?

  1. This is a great plan – especially since I’m a believer that flexibility is key around the holidays!

  2. This plan is so realistic, which is perfect. I think building in some time for you to spend thinking about your career goals is a great thing to do, too.

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