What the…

Another week where my unofficial weigh ins Monday through Thursday were down significantly (2lbs) and then I show no change on official WI day. It’s probably because Evan and I ate out Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was the splurge dinner before the concert (a burger with mushroom and truffle cheese, shared an order of fries and drank 2 chocolate stouts that were out of this world) and Thursday was a “I’m-tired-and-have-a-sore-throat” soup and a shared order of tempura ice cream (one scoop split between Evan and I).

This week’s plan: The Thanksgiving Day Road Race is in a week and a half, so technically the tail end of this week should start a taper week.


  • Dinner: leftover lasagna & steam fresh veggies
  • Workout: 2 mile run
  • PM: bringing work home


  • Dinner: out with people from work
  • Workout: rest day
  • PM plans: evening program


  • Dinner: roast beef, mashed cauliflower, onion soup
  • Workout: 4.5 mile run


  • Dinner: beef stroganoff with leftover roast beef
  • Workout: spin class


  • Dinner: leftovers
  • Workout: Rest Day


  • Christmas shopping! Dinner out! Harry Potter movie!
  • Workout: probably a rest day… there will be plenty of mall walking.


  • Dinner: pork chops, apples, butternut squash
  • Workout: morning spin class
  • quickie/short grocery shopping run

A quick preview for next week’s workouts:

  • Monday: 2 mile run
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: travel day, perhaps a brisk walk to stretch out after the trip
  • Thursday: Road Race & Turkey Day!
  • Friday: Rest day & put up Christmas Decorations at my parents’ house
  • Saturday: possible short (2 mile) run & travel back to NJ
  • Sunday: morning spin class & Thanksgiving 2 with Evan’s family

3 responses to “What the…

  1. I’ve been reading for awhile, but this is my first comment. I’m delurking to tell you – “Woman, I feel your pain.” I have been kicking things into high gear with workouts and taking control of my calorie intake for the past couple of months. I was obsessed with my scale and weighing myself almost every day and I would see the same things you report – down, down, down, during mid week and then on my official weigh in day – either up or no change. So frustrating!

    So, my boyfriend decided he had heard this complaining enough. He said we needed to pick a weigh in day and stick with it. So we picked Sunday and we weighed in. And then, he hid the scale. (No joke, I honestly couldn’t find it). The next Sunday he pulled it out again and we weighed ourselves. And honestly, it helped. B/c I wasn’t checking in on myself everyday I had to constantly be vigilant because I didn’t know what my weight was. It also took some pressure off – it eliminated those mornings I’d weigh myself and be up in pounds and then get down on myself emotionally.

    So, my advice is to hide the scale. It can’t hurt. You are doing amazing and I’m so glad I found your blog!

  2. @missA: Thanks for delurking! Your comment made my day. It took awhile (years!), but I have learned how to detach myself from the number on the scale, but sometimes I do need a reminder that the frustration isn’t worth it or healthy.

    I consider the scale like a thermometer. It tells part of the picture but not the whole story. For example, a thermometer might tell me I have a fever, but it won’t tell me why. The elevated temperature could be innoucuous–like I was outside in the heat too long–or something a little more subversive–like a brewing sinus infection. Same with my scale. Perhaps it’s elevated from sodium overload or possibly because I’m eating too much. Either way, it’s just a monitoring device. Only I have the ability to determine WHY.

    I LOVE that you wrote “[my boyfriend] said WE needed to pick a weigh in day and stick with it.” Way to go team! That support is awesome.

    If you have a blog, please share it… I’d love to get to know you and your scale hiding boyfriend better! 🙂

  3. I agree that weighing in every day is too hard – too many fluctuations – I bet if I weighed myself 5 different times in one day they would all be different!

    Love all your plans – this is the first year that we have no Thanksgiving plans! We aren’t going anywhere and no one is coming over – if feels kind of weird though!

    (But secretly I am loving next weekend because I can start bringing up my beloved snowmen!)

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