4.5 miles

I did it!

Tonight I ran 4.5 miles at my slow but steady 4-4.3 mph pace, followed by a quarter-mile cool down walk. So far, I’m feeling pretty good. Hips and hamstrings are a bit tight, but nothing a hot shower and good stretch can’t solve.

Now all that is needed to finish preparing for the Manchester Road Race, which happens a week from today, is appropriate gear. My sister and cousins are making t-shirts honoring my grandfather, but the weather is predicted to be between 31 and 48 with showers possible. I need to find my lightweight gloves and fleecy headband and get a good form-fitting long-sleeved shirt with some stretch that I can wear under the tee.

I also need to set up an appointment with the doc and get an inhaler. Outdoor runs in cold, dry weather have left me wheezing. And I probably need to make a Road Race Mix to whip out if I’m struggling to stay focused.

So far, I’m not really nervous, but I know that will change on race day. My goal: to finish it, jogging the whole way with only 1-2 minute walking breaks every mile or so. I could care less about my time. Woo-hoo!


4 responses to “4.5 miles

  1. Awesome on the 4.5 miles! I’m supposed to get up to 4 miles on Sunday…but it’s supposed to snow 😦

    P.S. I am sick of dieting too. Boring. What’s a girl to do???

  2. You better believe we made some awesome shirts!!!

  3. YAY! I’m so excited for you I can’t wait to hear how the race goes next week. Enjoy your taper week 🙂

  4. @Becca: Enjoy your half marathon this weekend! I won’t be in Philly, but I WILL be cheering you on in spirit! (And checking Twitter to monitor any updates, if you have the time and energy to post.) You’ll do awesome!

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