I do love blogging for the ability to reflect, get feedback, reflect some more and then re-center myself. You should read my post from last Tuesday, but more importantly, read the comments for the insightful responses they had. Here’s what I learned:

If I think of it as a diet, it will feel like a diet. Courtesy of my high school guidance counselor and modern day angel in waiting, Liz. It’s frightening how well she still knows me and how there are some pieces of my personality (control-freak anyone?) that have remained the same since high school. She also recommended I develop or delve into some kind of atta girl file to re-engage my motivation and melt the self-bullying. So I pulled out this little treasure, that sits on my windowsill at work:

Have you ever heard of a Blue Day Box? It’s based on this book:

Only instead of adorable animal pictures (well, with the exception of that one of my cat as a kitten, sticking her tongue out), it’s filled with things that inspire me. Notes from students and colleagues, fortune cookie slips that seem wiser than I give them credit for (and that come at opportune times), horoscopes, photos, inspirational quotes and notes of things that I’m especially proud of (losing a significant amount of weight, developing an amazing program) or awed by (a student who made a significant change after lots of reflection and hard work).

Here are just a few things that brighten my day

Krissie and Brittany also reminded me to listen to my body and develop feel good goals that will help me stay on track, but stop the tracking if that’s what’s wearing me down. Like setting a produce consumption goal or being more mindful of what I’m really hungry for. (And I love Krissie’s comparison between food and money–it’s a metaphor I’ve often used to detach myself emotionally from food and see the logic in it all.) Krissie also mentioned simplifying the calorie counting process by making a weekly menu with recipes that fit my typical calorie counts for meals and snacks, so I don’t have to calculate them day-by-day or meal-by-meal. (I also know someone else who is using numbered Silly Bandz to track her Weight Watcher points instead of the sometimes tedious act of writing it down in her food diary.)

As a result, I’ve kinda stopped counting calories (but I AM still tracking what and how much I eat). I’m making sure my meals are balanced (carb, protein, produce) & getting 2 servings of veggies at both dinner and lunch and one or two fruit servings (typically breakfast or snack) throughout the day. I’m also back to allowing myself a free day where I don’t track calories and where I eat that cheeseburger I’ve been thinking about all week (thanks to Heather for reminding me about that trick!).

I’m also listening to my body. I’ve been wicked tired lately. That fatigue makes me crave the sweet stuff. So I’ve returned to the old adage “eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired.” I left work early last Wednesday and took a nap. I also skipped my planned 4.5 mile run, postponing it until Thursday instead. As a result, I had a great run Thursday, I didn’t overeat or indulge in sweets Wednesday and the scale showed a loss on Friday. Win!

And then there’s Caroline. What a downer! But she’s right. Weight loss is hard, but maintenance is harder. I know lots of folks who got to goal and struggled to stay there. I know that will be my challenge, because I’m so goal oriented. I’ll struggle with lack of motivation once the goal is reached, and I’ll have to try like hell to develop different health and fitness goals to stay motivated and healthy. This Tina does not like complacency.

And that’s just it. It goes back to what Liz said “This is how you need to eat to reach the goal YOU set for yourself.”

Yup. My goal, my challenge. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be a good goal for me. This is my choice. So I need to really put my complaining and boo-hooing in perspective. No one is making me do this. I can stop if I want or work harder if I want.

Get that? This is my choice.


6 responses to “Reflection

  1. based on all the highlighting between our transcripts I have to say you were never good at science…. so i think your new less scientific approach will work better for you… 😉

    reread mom’s mindless eating book she got us as that will help remind you of ways to stay conscience of listening to your body.

  2. I loooovvveee the idea of the blue day box. I’m going to make one for myself. 🙂

  3. Good words – if it were easy…. it wouldn’t be so much of a challenge!

  4. Yeah Tina!!!! You are the best! Always ready to reappraise the situation and move forward! As always, I am very proud of you. xoxoxoxooxox

  5. I love your final thoughts on this. There’s a woman who goes to the same boot camp we attend and she’s constantly complaining and giving a half-hearted effort. I want to ask her why she bothers. Isn’t she choosing to come? No one is forcing her. If she doesn’t like it, she should use her time and money for something else. Sounds like you have a plan that’s going to work well for you!

  6. Oh man, sorry I was such a downer! I must have been having a bad day. Hang in there…Life is good! 🙂

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