Reversing trends

Woo-hoo! I lost another 1.8lbs this week, which means that my November weight gain and almost all of my October weight gain is gone. Only 3.2lbs down from my lowest weight I think.

I haven’t run since my last long run–crazy, busy and late work nights have gotten in the way–but I’m not too worried. I took more than a week off of running when I hurt my back and my grandfather passed away and I caught up pretty quickly.

I’m off to CT to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Evan is stuck manning the house unfortunately because he has to work the holiday and all weekend. Enjoy your own family and Thanksgiving dinners and indulge responsibly. I mean, how many days a year do you get to eat stuffing and green bean casserole anyway?



4 responses to “Reversing trends

  1. Have a safe and happy trip!
    Happy TGiving!

  2. Congrats! You are my new inspiration. Have an awesome Turkey Day.

  3. I’ve always heard that you can take a two-week pass from running whenever you want (for injury, vacation, illness, whatever) and jump right back in where you left off without much trouble. Glad you’ll get to enjoy some family time.

  4. You are amazing! Savor some of that stuffing for me. Enjoy your the Turkey Trot because I will want to see pictures. Love to the family!!

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