It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

After a very prolonged summer (I swear we had temps in the 70s through October and came close to hitting it at least once in November), winter is here. Not in the form of snow–noooo, that would actually be pretty and increase the likelihood I’d get a freebie day off–but in the form of cold. It’s been in the 30s for days now, and I’ve lost my ability to tolerate the cold. Two days ago, I was actually tempted to dig out this little baby. Yup, it’s the coat that got me through grad school. In Syracuse, NY. When it was commonly 15 degrees with a 20 below wind chill and a nightly snowfall snow regularly reached my knees.

I swear, this weather makes me want to hibernate. Or at least wants some snow so the cold seems worth it. Thank goodness my house smells like fresh baked cookies.

My eating and exercise plan have been a little wonky. I’m still struggling with sleep, my achilles tendinitis flared up this weekend and holiday eating has commenced. As a result, I didn’t get as much exercise as planned in so between that and Thanksgiving dinner/desserts last week, I gained 1.6lbs.

This week, I’m working late FOUR nights and on the one night I have off, Evan and I have a date night to go out to dinner and put up our Christmas decorations. My workouts are going to be short and sweet–nothing more than 30 minutes, except for Thursday’s spin class. Weight-wise, my goal is simply to maintain. In terms of health, my goal is to get more sleep, fit in 30 minutes of reading daily and have as much balance as possible with such a busy week.

Some other strategies:

  • keep hydrated with the decaf green tea and water
  • no computer time after 9:30pm. (I’m actually going to try to cut myself off at 7:30pm)
  • log food/exercise daily

So here’s the pencilled in plan for the week:


  • dinner: turkey dinner leftovers
  • exercise: 30 minute walk
  • PM: 7:30pm program. Won’t get home until after 9pm.


  • Dinner: chicken pasta leftovers
  • exercise: 2 mile run/walk
  • PM: 7:30pm program, won’t get home until 9pm


  • dinner: go out for Thai food
  • exercise: rest day/lugging holiday decor up the stairs
  • PM: put up tree with Evan, watch finale of Walking Dead


  • dinner: last of the turkey leftovers (if there are any) or fajitas
  • exercise: spin class
  • PM: on duty


  • dinner: fajitas
  • exercise: 2 mile run/walk
  • PM: evening program at 7pm, home by 9pm


2 responses to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. This was the first weekend it’s really starting to get chilly here as well. It was cold and windy most of the weekend. I spent most of the weekend cooking and cuddled under my down blanket with christmas music and a book!

  2. I agree, once the temps are this cold, I am warm in my office, I don’t want to leave to go to the gym. That being said, if I have any hopes of maintaining this holiday season, exercise will be my saving grace!

    Hang in there – sorry you have to work late 😦

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