Gain, Lose or Draw

Years ago, when I was doing Weight Watchers, I remember the leader asking us what our weight loss plan was for the holidays. Everyone said they wanted to continue their momentum and continue to lose the 1-2lbs per week that many of them were losing.

She asked, “Do you also want to swear off grandma’s pie, green bean casserole, Christmas cookies, New Year’s champagne and Hanukkah’s latkes?”

Many paused uncomfortably for a moment. Uhhhh no.

I don’t want to miss out on those things either. I know a plan that only allows avoidance will make me feel deprived and result in me possible overindulging in other (less enjoyable and less meaningful) foods later. I may lose weight in the short run but will very likely gain it at some point.

The other option is to enjoy in moderation. And be selective about the treats I indulge in. I love cheese and crackers. I know. Simple. Don’t judge. I won’t purchase them just because it’s in the holidays, but when I’m out at a holiday party, I will gladly have a few.

Additionally, my schedule has been ridiculous. Evan had car issues Monday, so he took my car and I wasn’t able to get to the gym (the 20* windchill meant running outside was a no go for me), Tuesday I was exhausted and needed a nap before headed back to work for an evening program, last night was date night and tonight fatigue, errands and work all make a trip to the gym unlikely.

I’m getting activity–putting up holiday decorations, baking, cleaning, shopping, gift wrapping, walking back and forth to work (even for nighttime events), but it’s not the same as the gym. Still, I gotta give myself a break, get things done and take care of myself as well.

Will I lose weight? No. But I can do this without gaining weight too. And that’s my plan for this holiday season.

What’s your game plan for the holidays? Do you want to gain, lose or draw?


8 responses to “Gain, Lose or Draw

  1. I think it’s a sound and realistic plan to maintain during the holiday season, especially if you have a lot of social engagements etc. Just keep moving in general and you can amp things up after the holidays are over. Be well.

  2. I’m hoping to lose up until the week of Christmas, and then I’ll be ok with a draw. Like you, I don’t want to pass up on all of the yummy foods my family makes for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Still, I think that I can increase my activity/gym time to help negate the ill effects of too much pasta.

  3. I’ll be happy with a draw…Considering I must have put on five pounds LAST Christmas that I am STILL trying to lose. I think my strategy is to pretend Christmas just isn’t happening, which I realize might be a little depressing in the end. Sigh.

  4. I would love a draw for the month of December. I’m trying to follow a similar strategy to yours of not changing much of what I eat at home (and I bring lunch to work, so aside from a holiday lunch at work, those will all be the same too). The issue for me is going home for 9 days — my mom is a great cook and my whole family drinks bottles of wine when we’re together, and the high temps for the day is usual under 20, so I might run some, but it’s not likely. So a draw is the best I can hope for!

  5. During the holiday season I’ll be happy with a draw. I don’t think I can deprive myself of all the goodies every where, but I can make an effort not to eat as much or as many.

  6. Shit yes, cheese and crackers get me EVERY TIME. And mince pies, but I don’t think those exist in America. Lucky for you, since you cannot. stop. eating them.

    Although I’ve not commented lately, I do pop in from time to time and am chuffed you’re doing so well. And heeeeey, it’s Crisssmasssss…I agree. Eat a little of everything you like and dream about all year, then just hitch up your drawers and get back to it the day after (ok, a few days after) .

    Hope you have happy holidays!

  7. Your plan is the same as mine! I just hope I can follow through.

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