I can’t remember the last time I got in a good workout. I’ve only been to the gym two measly times since Thanksgiving. Once for a walk. Once for a spin class. Last week, the only workout I got was walking back and forth to work twice a day due to having evening commitments on top of my normal workweek. Yeah, that was all of a 1 mile walk daily. Not a killer workout by any stretch of the imagination.

In the meantime, I also haven’t been reading Women, Food and God or participating in the Women, Food and Blog discussion group.

End result: I feel off balance.

Resolution: Get that balance back.

This weekend, I baked, caught up on laundry and went to Manhattan for the Bust Craftacular. I saw Amy Sedaris! And cool crafters. And I brought a Chipotle burrito bowl home for dinner (I even skipped the chips and didn’t finish the whole bowl). I had a very healthy salad and mixed kiwi and berries from Whole Foods for lunch. Sunday night ended with me going to bed shortly after 9pm.

Tonight is the work holiday party. As soon as it’s over I’m getting a long-overdue brow waxing and then posting my thoughts about the latest chapters on Women, Food and Blog.

My workouts this week will be relaxed and enjoyable:

  • Tuesday: 30 minutes cardio, strength and stretching
  • Wednesday: spin class
  • Thursday: spin class
  • Friday: 60 minute walk/jog
  • Saturday: off
  • Sunday: maybe the morning spin class or a walk or off

My achilles tendinitis is acting up big time this weekend–it’s even tender to the touch and hurts when I’m not walking or standing–so I probably need to avoid jogging and stick to the bike, ArcTrainer or maybe the elliptical.

Instead of documenting calories, I’ve been jotting down what I’m eating and checking off food goals (6-11 good carbs, 2-4 fruit, 4+ veggies, 4 dairy, 3 protein, 8+ water, etc.) It’s much less low stress and works with holiday eating. It’s impossible (or minimally, time consuming) to accurately guess nutritional info in food that someone else makes, so I’m sticking with the basics and trying to focus on making healthy choices. We’ll see how this works.

Now, if only I could get those holiday cards out…


5 responses to “Oops!

  1. I really like the way you’re tracking food. It is really difficult this time of year. Weather, commitments, stress. It’s so easy to throw in the towel.

    I’m clinging to mine. Glad to see that you are too.

  2. @krissieb: You should like it! It was your idea. I can’t tell you how awesome it is. Freeing.

  3. ill see you at spin thurs night!

    if you feel like being brave and waking up for a 5:30am class on wed or friday let me know!

  4. Uhhhh, no on the 5:30 am (but boy, if it were 6:30 I would seriously consider). Can’t wait to finally see you again!

  5. New here…popped over from a comment on the WDSlimdown… Glad I did…I will be following…

    Oh yeah…Women, Food, and GOD…LOTS of powerful stuff..

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