Weekend Review

I cannot believe that this was the last weekend before Christmas! I spent it finishing up holiday prep, knowing that in just a few short days, I’ll be on my way (with Evan) to celebrate Christmas in Connecticut. It should be a good one too–and not the 1945 Barbara Stanwyck version. So far I’ve:

  • made the last batch of chili lime Chex mix & oatmeal cream pies to bring to work, send to friends and bring home
  • scrubbed the kitchen cabinets and floor of all of the cookie debris that’s been accumulating this month (does anyone else hate this job as much as I do?)
  • ran some last minute holiday errands (cash a couple checks, search for Harry Potter book 7 on CD at the library for road trip entertainment, etc.)
  • finished reading Women, Food & God
  • and gave the cat her holiday grooming

All that’s left is wrapping a few final gifts, slapping some good-looking bows and ribbons on all of them and packing my suitcase to go home. Tonight we’re finishing our wrapping while watching a movie (after a pizza and salad dinner–I can’t say I have the time or energy to do EVERYTHING now…). Monday, I’ll do a little laundry so I can pack, which leaves Tuesday for picking up some last minute groceries for the holidays. I’m responsible for making soup for Thursday night dinner, salad for Christmas Eve and tiramisu and a veggie side for Christmas day.

Oh… and Christmas cards. I’ve been thinking about them since mid-November, but have not had the energy or focus to do them this season yet. I think it’s the distraction of so much other stuff to get done. I’m tempted for forgo Christmas cards for New Year’s cards next year and do them during the week I have off between Christmas and New Years. Whaddya think? Do you send holiday cards?


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