A little game of cat and mouse

This is my cat:

Her name is Prunella. A friend jokingly named her that when she was a kitten because she was the runt of the litter and looked like a little prune. It stuck. Now she’s 14.6lbs despite her tiny frame and is on the Catkins diet (low carb, high protein). She spends her days napping and refuses to play even when we whip out the laser pointer.

I’ve never, in any of the EIGHT apartments I’ve lived in since graduating college in 1998, EVER have seen a mouse in my home. I’m a little surprised since as a residence life/housing professional for most of those years, I’ve had to live in (sometimes very nice, sometimes not-as-nice) apartments in residence halls.You know, dorms. With students. Some who don’t have the best cleaning skills.

So imagine my surprise when Sunday afternoon I walked into the kitchen to start the dreaded task of scrubbing a month worth of holiday baking dust and spills off my cabinets and floor, only to see a chubby gray mouse bolt across the floor between the stove and into the tiniest of cracks near the dishwasher.

Where was my cat? Lounging in her bed, lazily licking a paw. As if she was getting ready for a catered dinner. What’s the point of having a cat?

It’s been two days and I still haven’t caught the mouse. We bought a trap that will allow us to release the little rodent and I placed it with a feast of peanut butter on the floor in between my cabinets and the fridge. Nothing. Then a colleague told me it needs to be where the mouse was chilling out. So I placed it near the dishwasher. Nada.

So, is it possible that my mouse was simply an inexperienced cat burglar checking out whether there were any fallen Cheerios to munch on? Perhaps he realized my floors are too clean and found another abode to bother?


5 responses to “A little game of cat and mouse

  1. That is a hilarious story! I always tell myself that I will never have mice because of my cats. I have one who’s lazy but it’s because she’s old -16!!!- and has arthritis. The other one is only two and tries to chase leaves and snowflakes through the window so I like to think he’d have my back if a mouse ever appeared! Hopefully the mouse found somewhere else!!

  2. yeah, despite the good intentions, i have never had luck with the humane traps. they’ve never caught the mouse – nor did our parsons jack russell terrier, who’s usually a good mouser.

    but this year we had one and i set out the cheap-o, old-timey wooden trap and SNAP! got him the first night. kinda sad – didn’t want to kill the poor bugger, but i refused to clean up mouse poo from around the toaster a day longer.

  3. It’s really called that – Catkins?
    How cool is that!

  4. I am sure kitty would have gotten around to discovering the mouse sooner or later…you just found it first. Hopefully now she’ll actually catch the dreadful rodent pest.

    Seasons greetings.

  5. Love, love, love the cat and the name Prunella. I couldn’t think of a more suitable name for a cat who sits idly by, licking her paw leisurely-like while a mouse runs by. Perfection captured!

    And, if I were a mouse, I would FOR SURE be all over your house these past days. Someone is a baking champ!

    God…cake. Now all I can think of is cake.

    I wish I was a fat mouse. Seriously.

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