Why I love Lorrie Fenn

Admittedly, I am not a big jewelry wearer. I have a few pieces that I like and wear often, but I tend not to spend much money on it. I flirt between the classics (pearl or diamond studs, a simple silver band as a ring) and more modern, sometimes even whimsical pieces (a silver hummingbird pendant or an oversized leather and turquoise ring). But then, Lorrie started posting her jewelry on Etsy, and I got hooked.

This summer, I quickly purchased these and these only to get NONSTOP compliments every time I wore them. Since then have wanted to get this, this, this and this. When she sent me these for our awesome blogger holiday gift swap, I got another jewelry fix and, again, more compliments.

After my grandfather passed away in October, I wanted to do something special to commemorate him, to honor his memory. I asked Lorrie if she was willing and able to make custom jewelry. I didn’t have any idea or concept in mind. I just described some memories I had of him and some of his characteristics.

She was totally on board and quickly came up with two totally awesome but totally different  concepts–both which perfectly integrated the memories and emotions I shared with her.

First, there was the literal concept:

Then there was the symbolic concept:

I fell in love with this one. I loved the copper circle–I felt the copper represented the redheads in our family (my siblings, myself, my grandmother and my father), and I requested a blue stone in the middle since that was my grandfather’s favorite color and his eye color, which has been shared with future generations all the way to his great-grandchildren. The circle represents family, love and spirituality. Only recently, did I realize it also represents the womb–even more fitting since learning in late November (long after this necklace was in the works) that I’m expecting and likely conceived within days of my grandfather’s death.

At every step of the way Lorrie communicated where she was with the design, checked in with me for approval on stone choices and made a last minute stop to get different (and the most perfect) stones when I told her I wasn’t a big fan of the original suggestions she sent. Most importantly, she was really intuitive with the design. She knew me and what I liked from our conversations (and possibly from my prior purchases) and told me I might not like the original stones she found, but noted she could find others the following day. When I asked if she could stamp the back of the beautifully cut and hammered copper circle with my grandfather’s initials, birth year and year of passing, she agreed.

Here’s a picture of the front:

And the back:

(I apologize in advance for the crappy photos–my camera died, so I’ve been using my phone.)

She shipped them just before the holidays, which made me a little nervous about getting them in time to surprise my sister on Christmas day, but they arrived a full two days early, carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a fabric jewelry bag and a coordinating pair of earrings, which was a complete shock. (My order from the summer also came faster than expected.)

Needless to say I totally got teary when I saw them. Better yet, I made my sister cry on Christmas (as much as she tried to fight it, just to prove me wrong) when she opened them and realized what they were.

To find Lorrie, you can check out her design blog, her wellness blog or, most importantly, her Etsy shop.


8 responses to “Why I love Lorrie Fenn

  1. That is just beautiful. Amazing. Beautiful.
    I’m proud to say I’m a member of the “I Love Lorrie Fenn” club as well.

  2. wow, this is a serious compliment and truly validates the time I spend making jewelry. Thank you for allowing me to create jewelry that has special meaning for you.

  3. I didn’t cry! I just teared up!

    Lorrie they were beautiful… if it didn’t have anything to do with my grandpa I would have loved the design… with all the memories behind it I’m never going to take it off! 🙂

    Thanks again Tina!

  4. Congratulations on the impending birth! How fantastic & exciting!!!

    The necklace is beautiful! How awesome to have such a significant custom piece for you & your sister.

    It’s so nice to have this kind of kinship with a fellow blogger. I’m glad you & Lorrie found each other.

  5. i bet val cried and cried and cried! they are beautiful and worthy of crying over.

  6. I’ll admit it…this post made me tear up. Tina, what a beautiful tribute to your grandfather.

  7. Another beautiful Lorrie necklace! I love this, and love it even more knowing the meaning behind it.

    I’m totally biased since she’s my friend but I love her stuff, and judging by the loads of compliments I get when I wear her goodies everyone else does too.

    Goooooo Lorrie!

  8. Katy you know I’m stubborn! She warned me ahead of time that I would cry so I held strong… misty is more appropriate… I’m wearing it right now..

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