Avoiding the produce section

I’m feeling better this afternoon thanks to a day lounging on the sofa, but I’m also feeding myself a steady supply of fluids, some chicken soup, plenty of fruit and spicy food. Last night it was To Die For White Chicken Chili that was super easy to make (thanks to poaching the chicken and using a frozen blend of pepper and onions).Typically, if I’m sick, I’m sticking with the quickest, most convenient food I can grab, but it was really nice to have something fresh (and that generated leftovers) that required limited hands on time.

Which brings me to an observation. I’ve noticed Evan and I have spent far less time shopping in the produce aisle (with the exception of a regular stash of bananas, pears, apples and the occasional orange or kiwi) and much more time grabbing bags of frozen veggies. I never used to be a big fan of the frozen veg offerings but the chopped peppers/onions have been a huge time and money saver and frozen green beans (specifically, whole green beans) are better than the fresh ones. And frozen berries, mango and peaches (all unsweetened of course!) are essential to a good smoothie.

So what’s your vote? Are you a frozen produce lover, hater or avoider? Any tips for navigating the frozen fruit and veggie section?


7 responses to “Avoiding the produce section

  1. While we buy a ton of fresh produce, I do buy frozen green beans and frozen mixed vegetables regularly which I primarily make for convenience for my kids. And I agree that frozen green beans are great! I also buy frozen corn which I put on salads. I like to put a 1/4 c. of corn and 1/2 of beans on my salad quite often. I was using canned corn, until I realized that you can’t find any canned corn that doesn’t have added sugar (well, I didn’t look at the health food store). They have the kind with no added salt, but all the ones at Publix here had added sugar. So I started buying frozen, which is nothing but CORN. So much better. Not related to frozen food, but I also stopped buying canned beans and now just make a huge batch of beans in the crock pot and freeze them in batches (so also no added salt or sugar). I think it’s ridiculous to added sugar to corn and beans!

    And we do buy frozen fruit, especially blueberries which I go through quickly. I buy other frozen fruit for smoothies also.

    Anyway, I think frozen veggies are great. Very convenient and nutritious. I’ll have to try the onions/peppers for convenience also…never tried those.

  2. There are some veggies that just do so well frozen 🙂 Cauliflower, edamame, etc. Some I cant stand from the freezer, corn, green beans, etc. This time of year it can be hard to find GOOD produce without heading to the freezer section!

  3. We do tons of frozen and tons of fresh. We mostly get (1) frozen fruit that I use for smoothies at breakfast, (2) individual portions of frozen peas that I microwave and add to my lunch, and (3) usually 1-2 bags of frozen veggies that we’ll make during the week for dinner. All the rest of what we get is fresh, so usually all the fruit I eat during the day or that we eat with yogurt for dessert, and usually our veggies at dinner and the spinach I use to make my little snack pitas. I’m always glad there’s such a big frozen variety available, I just prefer fresh for most things.

  4. I shop a little in both, fresh and frozen. If it’s something that I know I’ll use in the next few days I’ll buy it fresh, but if I just want to have some veggies on hand I’ll buy some frozen. Sometimes the conveince of frozen foods is too good to pass up.

  5. We use probably 80%fresh and 20% frozen. Go with what works best for you!

  6. Nothing frozed, we like fresh! that’s why we go to the store twice a week.


  7. I go by convenience but normally I buy fresh…however what I do buy is prepackaged veggies and things that are already sliced lol, it just makes cooking easier and makes it less tempting to get takeaways etc because it doesn’t take me long to cook!


    Mavra xx

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