Get Thy Ass to the Gym Woman!

That blog title? It is my mantra this week.

Seriously… the weather and being sick and having back spasms all impaired my ability to get to the gym, but lately motivation and poor planning has been causing my lack of activity.

It’s not that I’m being lazy. Quite the opposite. Last week I tried 4 new recipes, this weekend I worked on some Valentines Day care packages and I worked late several days last week catching up on administrative work that couldn’t get done with my heavy meeting schedule.

This week will be–NEEDS to be–different.

Tonight, my ALARM is set so I leave work by 5pm and get to the gym. I have a bunch of stuff to do tonight, but it can wait until I get in a 45 minute walk and some weights. Dinner is last night’s chicken parm leftovers (from the Rocco DiSpirito “Now Eat This!” cookbook) and some steamed spinach and a tossed salad.

Tomorrow and the other nights this week are much of the same. I have a couple quick & easy meals planned (a Crock Pot corn chowder, burgers, enchiladas) and gym time scheduled EVERY night except for Friday. That’s when Evan & I have date night: dinner out and a Deerhoof concert.

Also, hopefully, by Wednesday, I’ll be back at a regular blogging schedule and caught up on my reading. My discussion of “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” has been seriously missing from the Women Food & Blog book group.

So, my plan (sorry to bore you, but it’s for my own accountability purposes):

  • schedule workout time in my planner
  • set a time for tasks and schedule those, so I don’t overbook myself
  • prioritize


  • dinner: leftover chicken parm, spinach & tossed salad
  • Workout: 45 minute walk & 15 minute weight circuit
  • evening plans: finish V-Day care packages, prep soup for tomorrow, work on staff meeting agenda


  • dinner: Crock Pot corn chowder & tossed salad
  • Workout: 30-45 minute walk
  • evening plans: evening program, catch up on reading


  • dinner: turkey enchiladas, tossed green salad
  • Workout: 45 minute walk & 15 minute weight circuit
  • evening plans: catch up on reading & blogging


  • dinner: burgers, green bean salad, chips
  • Workout: 45 minute walk
  • evening plans: duty, administrative work


  • dinner: out
  • Workout: rest
  • evening plans: CONCERT!

3 responses to “Get Thy Ass to the Gym Woman!

  1. I think it’s easier for me to exercise when I include it on my daily to do list.

  2. Yep, if you put it on your calendar, you have a better chance of getting it done – with everything else you have going on – kudos!

    Today is my rest day – I’ve discovered that it does wonders and I am not as sore when I take a rest day in the middle of the week.

  3. So, it’s Friday – how’s it been going? Have fun at date night tonight.

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