Although I didn’t meet my exercise goal last week, I did get to the gym twice and walked 2 miles on campus once–which is three more days of intentional exercise than I got the previous week. I don’t feel bad about not meeting the goal, simply because there were a few curveballs that disrupted this week’s plan. I still ate well (healthy & balanced!) and increased my activity over the prior week.

I find after taking some time off, this is also a matter of remembering my motivation since I lost the habit of exercise. It’s also partly me trying to be satisfied (largely unsuccessfully) with different types of exercise, now that I no running is off the plan as is spin due to pregnancy.* Instead, I’m walking and doing the elliptical. I’m tempted to do the spin bike, but remain seated. Funny enough, I DESPISE the other stationary bikes (both regular and recumbent).

I developed a statement of purpose to get back on this activity track:

I want to workout because it helps me sleep better, have more energy, control stress and keep my pregnancy weight gain down. ALL of those benefits are good for me AND the baby.

I also have some tools:

  • My Nook where I’m reading Donald Miller’s a Million Miles in a Thousand Years–even if I haven’t been able to commit time to blogging about it on the Women, Food and Blog book club blog
  • Another book–a paperback–I’m reading related to work. Peter Lake’s groundbreaking book on student conduct systems called Beyond Discipline. Both of these books get my nerd on and make me happy.
  • I’ve also been reading Remedy Quarterly–an indie food magazine that Evan got me for Christmas. It’s filled with recipes, and articles and essays related to food and eating. Does that man know me or what?
  • My iPod. Since I’m trying to focus on reading during my workouts, really the iPod serves as a way to keep me from getting distracted from gym noise–like the dude grunting to my left, or the ladies griping about the new 3rd grade teacher at the local elementary school. Lately, my playlist has been simple, instrumental: string quartet versions of Dave Matthews Band, U2 and some other favorite musicians.
  • Jeopardy. It’s on from 7:00-7:30pm here–just as the gym rush is starting to slow down. I really like being able to compete with the contestants and engage my brain while I’m on the treadmill or elliptical. And I really like the dude who controlled most of this week’s games, Paul Wampler.

It helps that I spent some time this week re-organizing (at work and at home), relaxing and catching up on sleep. I feel re-energized. My freezer currently is filled with identifiable foods. We have meals and exercise planned for the week. I don’t have any nighttime or weekend work commitments for the first time, since early January. Life has been reset.

This week’s plan:


  • dinner: leftover chicken marsala and peas or leftover burgers with tomatoes
  • Workout: 30 minute walk
  • evening plans: errands & laundry


  • dinner: buffalo chicken tenders, steamed green beans and oven “fried” potatoes
  • Workout: 45 minute walk, 15 minute weight circuit
  • evening plans: blogging (both for book group and this site)


  • dinner: homemade calzones, sauteed spinach
  • Workout: 45 minute walk
  • evening plans: call everyone I know to let them know if we’re having a boy or a girl! (Ultrasound and doc appointment is in the morning.) Possibly visit a family friend in Delaware who just had a baby this weekend.


  • dinner: lightened up Shepherd’s Pie (super lean ground beef, topping is a mix of mashed cauliflower and potatoes) with veggie TBD
  • Workout: 45 minute walk
  • evening plans: date night with Evan, pack for my weekend in Boston with my sister


  • travel to Boston! Food and activity TBD. My sister’s the boss!

I am VERY excited to finally get to Boston to see my sister’s apartment. She’s just done some major decorating, I’ll finally get to meet her boyfriend, we’re going to an indoor farmer’s market and my parents are also meeting up with us to set up the baby registry (Babies R Us–here we come!). And the weekend will likely have plenty of walking and gym time.

*NOT every pregnant woman has to drop these two activities. I can’t do running because I’m not an efficient enough runner to do it without my heart rate going well over 140bpm (my OB set this limit). I chose to take spin off the table–for now–because it seemed to consistently result in pretty bad back aches now that my weight is redistributing and my balance is a little different.


3 responses to “Improvement

  1. I can relate to your statement of purpose (except for the pregnancy part!)

    With moving the past two weeks I’ve barely exercised and now I feel heavy and lethargic, even though the scale hasn’t gone up (thankfully.) I want to get back at it this week to feel more energized and more productive.

    HAVE FUN up here in The Bean this weekend! What part of town does your sister live in? I was in the North End for a long time and went to school at Northeastern over by the Prudential building.

  2. Becca- I live in Somerville near Davis Sq and love it! Hmm bringing up the North End.. if it’s the 50+ degrees they’re predicting there might just be a walk to Mike’s pastry….

    Tina- “finally meet her boyfriend”… it’s been 2.5 months… it’s not like you been waiting years… 🙂

  3. Oh davis square is adorable! Some of my favorite restaurants are there!

    Enjoy your weekend ladies – the weather looks to be pretty dynamite!

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