Hitting the reset button

Friday, I enjoyed exercise for the first time in months. And I did more than twice my minimum 30 minutes of activity. My friend Brittany came to campus and we just walked around for a little over an hour, while talking and catching up on each other’s lives.

It. Was. Awesome.

It made me forget about the fact that I was exercising and it totally kept me engaged and entertained. My reward afterwards was a bubblebath full of Moonlight Path and some time reading with no guilt about not getting enough exercise in my day.

At the end of the day, I was tired, relaxed and accomplished. I want to feel that on most days.

I had great plans to make the most of this week. It’s spring break, so work should be relatively easy with fewer meetings, less opportunity for schedule-busting student emergencies, more administrative time and no evening commitments.

And then I got sick.

I’m currently running on just 5 hours of sleep because a chest-rattling cough and wheezing has kept me–and the baby, who’s kicking as if to say “Shut up, ma! Let me get some sleep.”–awake. Trust me, dude. I feel your pain.

So this week will entail a “take-it-easy” mentality: walking on most days, in bed at 10pm every night (alarm set for 7am) and little to no working late or bringing work home.

Dinners this week:

SUNDAY was Tuscan Vegetable Soup with crusty bread and goat cheese

  • MONDAY is seafood (shrimp & scallop) scampi with roasted asparagus
  • TUESDAY is taco salad
  • WEDNESDAY is spicy peanut chicken stir fry
  • THURSDAY is leftovers
  • FRIDAY is dinner out because we’re going to see a performance by Michael Ian Black.

There are a few relaxation projects I’d like to indulge in and a couple errands that need to get done. Those include:

  • making an adorable owl mobile inspired by this.
  • getting maternity pants and some tights and pantyhose (Tuesday?).
  • do my taxes (Wednesday?).
  • and maybe start organizing my recipes (a task that can easily be done while watching TV or a movie).

So what are you doing this week?


3 responses to “Hitting the reset button

  1. I have to remind myself often that doing something is often much easier and efficient than wasting time and energy feeling guilt over not doing it. I love that you found a way tomake your exercise enjoyable. If only we could skype on a walk…

    I want to come and eat with you! Everything sounds so good!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Michael ian black is absolutely hilarious and probably my favorite comedian. He’s actually my parents next door neighbor and we always see him shooting hoops with his kids. Is it bad that I want to harass him?

  3. glad you had fun in spite of me arriving 2 wines deep. let’s walk again soon! i need to kick it back into gear

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