The Ick

I had a bad feeling when the area office secretary worked most of last week with a horrible sounding cough and sinus congestion, only to learn this week that she had a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection.Β  I tried my best to avoid it–Purell-ed my hands like crazy, worked with my door shut to avoid airborne germs, etc.–but by Sunday evening, it was clear it got the best of me.

I normally have a hella good immune system. While I typically get sick once a year–in January–it’s usually a sinus infection brought on by allergies and dry weather. It’s predictable. If I was wise, I could avoid it by using my Neti Pot or saline nasal spray and taking my allergy medicine regularly.

But pregnancy changed me. To sustain a pregnancy, your immune system is compromised–otherwise it would try to get rid of the baby. As a result, I’m a metaphorical Hoover sucking up any germs within a reasonable airspace around me. This is the second time I’ve been sick in two months. As a result, I’ve been broken down to a muddled, snotty, whiny mess. In an attempt to rid myself of the “why me” attitude, I’m leaving my complaint list on this blog:

  • I’m tired of being unable to breathe because both my sinuses and my chest are ridiculously congested.
  • My ribs and muscles ache from coughing so hard and from having to sleep in a semi-sitting position.
  • I hate getting the runaround from my primary care doctor–and in the meantime, my symptoms worsening or creating bigger health problems, like wheezing and crackling lungs–because she’s unsure of what medicine pregnant woman can take and doesn’t care or know enough to consult with my OB.
  • I think it’s inappropriate and unkind that my doctor spent more time telling me how to take care of my fair skin than she did listening to my symptoms and asking me questions about why I was there.
  • I’d really like to sleep. Last night, I got 2 hours of very light sleep before I woke myself up because the wheezing and noises from my lung congestion was too loud. I managed to fall asleep again, but I still only got another hour or two of sleep that was so light, I could hear Evan typing on the computer upstairs.
  • I hate being worried about my baby, wondering what the medications I need to take will do to him or whether my 3lb weight loss over 2 days is indicative that I’m dehydrated which is bad for him or hearing the concern in my OB’s voice when I call her to consult, and she says “You need to use your inhaler if you’re wheezing. If you’re not breathing well, neither is your baby.”
  • I’m tired of peeing all the time because I’m consuming 120-150 ounces of fluids to cope with the dehydration and flush out the germs.
  • I’m bummed I’m missing out on quality administrative planning time at work–time I desperately needed.

But on a positive note:

  • Of all the weeks that I need to miss work days, this is the one. It’s spring break so there were few meetings and there are typically no urgent situations that pop up unexpectedly.
  • I will likely be better before my schedule gets crazy this weekend with a concert, conference, 2 work days with heavy meetings and a trip home to Connecticut.
  • I’m grateful that since I’m in the second trimester, I have more options when it comes to medication.
  • Evan has been a great support: offering to pick up my prescription, coaxing me to call the doc for a second opinion, staying up with me when I can’t sleep, watching Golden Girls episodes with me until I doze off and not minding that I haven’t cooked any of the delicious meals we planned for this week.
  • I do love my OB. She was able to tell me more effective meds that I could safely take and told me my doc should have called her to consult if she didn’t know what was safe.
  • I just learned that my old doc recently opened up a new office in town and is accepting new patients. I intend to go to her for future health care needs.
  • I was released from Jury Duty after just one day.
  • I’m glad I discovered the Style Network show Too Fat for Fifteen.

Hey! The highlights outweigh my complaints. Win?!


5 responses to “The Ick

  1. Aw, sorry Tina. The blog is the best place to vent. I had The Ick a couple of weeks ago, so I totally feel for you. It sucks. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. ahhhh get well soon! and too fat for 15? tell me more

  3. I love that you are still able to focus on the positive things!! OMG, I saw that Too Heavy for Fifteen commercial – I gasped! My husband took one look at me and said “we are not going to DVR another fat show, cooking show, or music show!”

    I may secretly DVR it anyway! πŸ˜€

  4. I hope you’re feeling better by now. I like how you were honest about your challenges, but you still ended with all the positives going on in your life. πŸ™‚

  5. Benedryl and tylenol, my friend. And perhaps a neti pot, because people love them. Except I find mine useless.

    So sorry you’re sick! But spring is just around the corner! πŸ™‚ K

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