The Balance Calendar

It is no secret that designing pretty documents to track my progress and organizing things makes me happy. So that’s what I did yesterday. In all of 20 minutes, I developed a calendar that gives me a relatively simply challenge to help me remember or find balance from week to week.

The tasks on this calendar range in time commitment from 20 minutes a week to 2.5 hours per week. It varies. They are all sorts of different themes, but are all in areas that are important to me:

  • home/family (purging clutter, develop a wish list of things I want my kid to learn or experience)
  • personal health (yoga, food tracking, fun exercise)
  • relaxation (reading, pedicure)
  • work (develop a realistic calendar with major processes/distractions so I can develop more reasonable, do-able goals)
  • General wellness (take a nap, ask for help, be okay with not being able to give 100%)

I actually got a little carried away and ran with it until the end of July. It will keep me focused on what’s important those first few weeks of parenthood when everything (eating, showering, creating healthy meals) may be easily tossed to the wayside.

This is just a sample page. Click the link below to see the whole thing.

Balancing Calendar

What do you think? What challenges would you issue yourself on your own Balance Calendar?


3 responses to “The Balance Calendar

  1. So I totally cried when I saw “Charlie is due.”

    I am so happy for you.

  2. Charlie! Lovelovelove his name! You,too!

  3. Kind of hoping you can add “Charlie is born” to July 5th! 🙂

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