The Better Balance Behavior Modification Plan: Week 1

Tuesday, I committed to the following:

Each week for the next 15 weeks, I’m going to issue myself a new challenge that will help me on my quest for better balance. I’ve already plotted out the next few weeks:

  • Week of March 22: get at least 120 minutes of cardio in and 2 weight training sessions.

You can see the rest of my mini-goals here.

Considering I got a late start, I did pretty well this week. I went walking for 30 minutes Tuesday, 30 minutes of biking Thursday, and hour-long walk Friday. I did strength training at the gym Thursday, which means that of my goal, I completed more than 80% of it. Not bad considering I was wrecked Thursday due to a bad sleeping night and this weekend from a rough duty weekend.

I’ve already looked at my schedule for next week and it looks like I only have one brief evening commitment. Yay! Additionally, I have only two more duty nights between now and the end of the semester May 6. That will definitely allow me to meet my fitness goals, even though I’ll have to intentionally carve out a night or two of working late. Notice the “intentionally” qualifier? This is a strategy I’m using to plan my late nights and to better coordinate and control how much time I’m spending there and what projects I’m working on during that time.

This was actually a pretty rough week. I had to work late Wednesday due to an issue that came up on duty, and I was sleepless that night, waking at 3am and being unable to fall back asleep. Despite the fatigue, I was at the gym for both cardio AND my weight circuit after work Thursday. Prior to this week, the lack of sleep definitely would have “earned” me a day off. But not this day. I looked at my Balance Calendar, sitting in plain view on my desk and realized it was now or potentially never. My reward was going to be a bubble bath, but I was so tired I thought I’d accidentally drown myself, so instead I took a hot shower and used my new favorite bath product:

No Dove didn’t pay me to say this. I myself picked it up for $5 or so last weekend. I don’t know about it’s claims to “improve skin’s look” but if it can moisturize my eternally dry skin and give me less scaly-looking legs so the only horrifying thing about me going hoseless during skirt season is how pasty white I am, than that’s a win for me. It it’s a nice, thick luxurious cream, and the calming scent had me snoozing by 9pm.

I’ve also already gotten a head start on my reading goal for this week. I read for about an hour last night before going to bed.

Tonight I intend to finish that book.

Today’s game plan:

  • 30 min cardio & weights at the gym
  • read for 30-60 minutes
  • leftovers for dinner (timesaver!)
  • 9pm bedtime: still catching up on zzzzzzs

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