Fun & Wacky

So, I love when Ben Folds mocks covers uber-poppy Top 40 songs.

He’s recently covered Ke$ha’s “Sleazy.” Here’s his version and below that is her version. Whose do you prefer?


4 responses to “Fun & Wacky

  1. I ❤ Ben Folds 4EVER.

    The End.

  2. when we saw him last he had just started covering this it was hysterical. he says he goes on to itunes and just sees what is number one and then covers it… he said he had never heard of kesha!

  3. Ha! That’s awesome. I’m so glad to hear he really has no clue who Ke$ha is–the world would be better off that way!

  4. I can’t watch video at work – I’ll check it out tonight – hope you had a great weekend! 😀

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