It’s my birthday & I’ll bike if I want to…

Today, I turned 35. I’m not really sure if that’s all that special aside from the fact that I like numbers divisible by 5, and I’m now smack dab in my mid-30s.

I remember being in high school and college, thinking that my 20s would be my decade. That was just pure idealistic & unreasonable expectations, if you ask me. My 30s have been way more awesome, and I think I appreciate these experiences so much more now that I understand they’re gifts and not a rite of passage.

My 30s have brought me:

  • A master’s degree in a field I love.
  • Continued growth and development in a job I love.
  • An amazing relationship that continues to teach me as much about myself as I learn about Evan & that gives me a wonderful, supportive environment that encourages me to challenge myself, try new things and recognize what I can give to my partner.
  • A soon-to-be baby.
  • The knowledge to incorporate healthy habits into my day-to-day life and the commitment required to maintain that lifestyle.
  • This blog, which has given me the opportunity to share my experiences, connect with others, inspire others and find motivation, support and challenge from this new community.
  • Self-confidence. I can’t say I had that in my 20s, but I certainly pretended I did. Or thought I did.

So today I celebrated by having what is as close as possible to a perfect normal day. I worked. I was able to focus on some enjoyable projects. I started an account at MyFitnessPal and logged all of my food, which was pre-planned this weekend. I went to the gym. I blogged. I stayed under my 2000 calorie a day limit, which should be enough to support the baby’s growth & development while keeping my own weight gain–already a whopping 35lbs–in control. And then I got a pedicure & manicure to celebrate.

So, if the 30s have already established themselves to be my decade, could 35 be my year?


4 responses to “It’s my birthday & I’ll bike if I want to…

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Of course 35 will be your year! I was 35 when I had my little Mack, who will be 7 in two weeks. I’ll be 42 on Wednesday, and I’m a YOUNG, HOT Mom, haha. You will be too. May is a good month for birthdays. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday. I’ve been so behind on my blog reading, and I’m sorry I missed it. 35 is a great age, which I can say with some authority, since I’m rounding the corner on my 40th. Don’t you just love milestone birthdays? I can’t wait for mine, because I think 40 is going to be the best decade yet!! (The 30s were phenomenal, though, so live it up!!).

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