It’s been a helluva long week!

Last week got busy and tiring FAST. Tuesday night, I staffed a 3am until 5am shift, doing rounds of one of the buildings where our students were housed for senior week. I think it wore me out more than I anticipated because I was cranky Wednesday and Thursday, dragging on Friday and sick by Friday night. I’m currently fighting off the same nasty, heavy chest congestion I battled in March–back to not sleeping well (because I can’t breathe well), taking nebulizer treatments and the barely effective doses of Sudafed.

This week starts the first of our Fridays off throughout the summer, but I think I’ll be working it. Aside from that and general work busy-ness, I think it will be a good week if I can shake these germs. It will include:

  • a work baby shower
  • my 32 week check-up
  • a half day planning retreat with my staff
  • and lots of good eats–I planned my meals for the week this morning and we went to the supermarket this afternoon.

Because at my 30 week appointment, the midwife raised her eyebrows at my higher than normal weight gain, I’ve been diligent in logging my food and tracking my calories.

To be clear, I am absolutely NOT trying to lose weight. Although I know the weight gain at that last appointment wasn’t “real” (it came after a weeklong vacation of eating out, air travel, an awards banquet at work and dinner the night before at the very sodium-heavy PF Changs), it did serve as a bit of a reality check about my weight gain being a tad too fast and furious for a healthy pregnancy.

I had stopped logging my food when first trimester pregnancy fatigue, the holidays, and the failure of my Droid’s DailyPlate app wore me down, but recently, the Twitterverse and specifically, Krissie, has been talking highly of My Fitness Pal. I tried it Monday and fell in love with it the same day.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to determine what is an appropriate calorie count for pregnancy. I don’t plan meals with calories at the top of my mind. I’m essentially looking to get an appropriate balance of carbs, protein, veggies, fruit and dairy–specifically, I aim to get 3 servings of dairy and at least 2 servings of fruit daily. That said, I set MyFitnessPal for a calorie limit that would allow me to maintain my weight–largely because I had already gained 35 lbs (that’s with the vacation inflation), and I know that I typically maintain my weight on a couple hundred fewer calories than most of these programs think I need.

My calorie “goal” according to MyFitnessPal is 2450. Pregnancy books indicate my goal should be around 2300. My personal goal has been to stay around 2000. With the exception of Thursday (when Evan and I celebrated my birthday) and Wednesday (the day after my near-sleepless night), I was able to do that. Even on those exception days, I only went above my goal by 100-200 calories. As a result, my weight has remained stable the past two weeks.

I love how easy this program is–certainly faster and easier than The Daily Plate–and the mobile app is excellent. I essentially plug in the data for all my meals while I’m relaxing in bed before getting up each morning. It takes 10 minutes. I spend another 5-10 minutes modifying the data at night. I love knowing that I’ve been instinctively hitting that calorie goal (with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks daily) even before I log my food and look at my tally–even with the regular handful of M&Ms ever day or so.

It’s helping me remember that eating well and planning meals do not need to take a lot of time.


One response to “It’s been a helluva long week!

  1. I’ve heard great things about that app. I’ve been using LoseIt, and I love it, and I feel like ease of use and portability are necessities for food logging apps. It sounds like your 2000 calorie plan is perfect. Not too high, but not too low either. Enjoy those Fridays off!

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