Support your local postal service employee!

I realize that being a professional staff member who lives on a college campus is a difficult notion to understand. As a result, I have a lot of inconveniences–being woken up by students at 3am, having no choice in cable or internet services or providers, feeling like I live in a fishbowl–but so far, the most irritating one is mail service, specifically when it comes to UPS.

I am so seriously sick of the United Parcel Services–or as I prefer to call them these days the “Useless Pseudo-delivery Service.” Throughout the past year, I’ve had to drive to the local UPS shipping center to pick up my packages because they’ve sent me a post card indicating my mail was “undeliverable.” And now for the second time, I’ve had a gift I ordered returned to sender–even though my address is correct and it even lists a specific office address to deliver it. An office that is guaranteed to be staffed every weekday from 8:30am until 4:30pm. The last time, it was confirmed that the driver went to the wrong delivery location. This time, they’re not sure what happened. Here’s what I’ve been able to determine:

My tracking information indicates that the package was refused twice (once during business hours, once after business hours–don’t ask me why UPS wastes time and pays drivers to deliver to business locations after offices with well-known hours close) but it doesn’t say why or who refused the delivery or even what location this was at.

The customer service rep could not tell me whether this package actually got to my campus address (an office that has better hours and staffing than a private apartment or household ever would!).

I asked to speak to the manager. The rep put me on hold for approximately 3 minutes before telling me that the manager was with another caller and he could take a message.

I told him that I would wait. And I would note how long I was left waiting.

After 5 minutes, the call center manager “Douglas” picked up. He said the College refused delivery but he couldn’t determine say who.

Here’s my guess: the UPS delivery dude never spoke to anyone and probably didn’t go to the right office. The time he supposedly delivered was just after noon. We had at least one and up to six people in that office at that time. The staff in that office e-mail me to let me know when I have a delivery. They’ve done that at least a dozen times in the past 2 months as we’ve received shipments from well-wishers sending us baby gifts.

His resolution: since he was just a call center staff member, he can’t do anything except forward it to the shipping center. They will supposedly get back to me with a resolution but he could not say what that resolution would possibly be or when they would contact me.

Saturday morning update: UPS representative calls me and says “It appears as if your package was damaged so it was returned to the sender per our policy.”

Don’t you think it’s my right to determine whether it’s damaged? According to her, no. So then I tell her it’s a t-shirt and ask “So how could that have been damaged?” I mean, it wasn’t like I was getting a shipment of china. Her response, “Oh. I didn’t know that. Maybe that’s not the reasons it was returned then.”

Really? I think that means she started our conversation by lying to me to create an image that UPS cares so much about it’s customers that they’ll return damaged shipments prior to delivery so the customer doesn’t have to deal with them. (Never mind the fact that aside from the vendor, only UPS touched the package and if it was damaged, it must have happened while in UPS’s care since they did originally accept and process the package for shipment.) She ended the conversation by saying “I’m sorry. It’s Saturday and I’m the only one here. Someone will contact you on Tuesday.”

To be continued…

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • If there is no suitable resolution to this problem, I will continue to tell people about my experience via Twitter & this blog. (Similarly, if there is an effective response, I will share that as well.
  • A suitable resolution means that UPS will compensate me for all shipping costs, including the cost to reship this gift to the recipient, whom I won’t get to see for at least another two months, due to the fact that I can’t travel back to Connecticut this late in my pregnancy.
  • If this isn’t resolved or if it happens again, I will not be using companies that ship via UPS. I will boycott UPS, and I will write letters to the companies that do use UPS to urge them to find different, more suitable and more reliable carriers. If these companies solely use UPS or don’t let the customer select a carrier, I will get what I need from other vendors. Or buy locally, which is better for the economy and environment anyway.
  • I’m going to support the United States Postal Service. I’ve never experienced poor service with them, their rates are cheaper and I’ll feel better about spending my money on the second largest civilian employer.

I understand that people make mistakes. But this is a repeated mistake and it seems as if it may be due to a driver who isn’t properly doing his job. Since this has become a persistent issue this year, I want it fixed. Or I’m not working with them anymore.

So, have you ever had problems with UPS or other delivery services? What happened and what did you do to resolve it?


4 responses to “Support your local postal service employee!

  1. Hi Tina:

    Yikes! My apologies for the ongoing ordeal you’ve experienced. We want to resolve these problems. Our Customer Service team with @UPSHelp sent you a tweet offering assistance . If you haven’t done so already, please send them the shipping address that you’ve been using and your contact details so we can follow up.

    Debbie Curtis-Magley
    UPS Public Relations

  2. Hey, Sorry to hear about your UPS delemia. My husband worked for them for 18years. Your problem seems to be with your driver. I would call your local UPS center ask to speak to the supervisor of the center that delivers to your area he or she is the one that over sees your driver and should be able to fix your problem.
    Good Luck

  3. Great post…boo to bad customer service! I’ve had bad experiences with the USPS also, though. I feel like there’s just not much you can do. We’re at their mercy as they transport our possessions. Blogging is nice because it gives us at least a small voice. It’s cathartic! I hope you have a satisfying resolution. 🙂

  4. Hey Tina! I haven’t had any problems with them, and I live in a kind of rural area too. Hope after all that you got it resolved!

    How are you? Hope things are moving along smoothly – happy Friday!

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