new training plan

Charlie is six weeks old as of yesterday, and I’m happy to say I feel mostly back on track in the eating AND exercising department.

It helps that Evan and I have a routine down. I am primary parent during the morning while he sleeps (he doesn’t get home from work until 1am or later) and he is primary parent in the afternoon–noon until 3pm. This afternoon break allows me to run errands, get a pedicure, fix lunches or prepare dinners for the week or, most importantly, go to the gym.

I’ve been back at the gym for three weeks now, maintaining simple workouts: 2 mile walk or 30 minute/2 miles on the elliptical. Bo-RING! (But it did allow me to catch up on some magazine reading.) Last week, I went to the gym exhausted on Thursday, but surprised myself by doing an intense hour-long weight workout followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical. Since my midwife gave me the thumbs up to gradually return to my previous level of exercise, it’s time to amp things up a bit.

While I exercised regularly prior to completing my first race–a triathlon last summer–I learned that I exercise best (in terms of consistency, variety and intensity) when I’m training for something.

I really wanted to train for another triathlon. I love the mix of swimming, biking and running. The variety keeps me from being bored and also ensures most of my workouts will be intense so I can compete adequately on race day. Of course, we’re hitting the tail end of summer and triathlon season in the mid-Atlantic region is coming to a close, so I had to find something else to train for.

You may remember that last Thanksgiving, my sister, two of my cousins, a high school friend and I ran (well, I ran/walked) the Manchester Road Race. I had just found out I was pregnant (but the news wasn’t public yet, as we were only about 8 weeks along) and was struggling with first trimester pregnancy fatigue as well as cold and exercise induced asthma, so my ability to perform was limited. I’m doing the race again, but I’m treating my training schedule much like a triathlon training schedule with spinning, biking and swimming on my cross-training days. This will prevent boredom and hopefully cut down on the risk of getting achilles tendinitis again.

Of course, that Thanksgiving race was the last time I ran, so I’m starting from scratch in terms of my training. This weekend I worked out my new training plan!

Training schedule Fall 2011

Currently, since I’m still on maternity leave and Evan gives me these awesome afternoons to focus on my training, this will be relatively easy to implement. My only obstacle is myself. When I return to work (on a part-time basis September 12 and full-time starting September 26), life will get considerably more complicated. I’ll have evening commitments at work, nights that I have to serve duty and Evan will most likely be at work himself, meaning I’m essentially a single parent once I leave the office. Fortunately, some of my training plan is quick enough for me to implement during my lunch break. Some of it can be done on weekend afternoons when Evan is primary parent. Other times, I’ll have to bring Charlie to the child care center at the gym or see if I can extend his hours at daycare to fit in a quick gym trip.

Regardless, I’m excited for this plan & I’ve been itching to develop and start it since June!


One response to “new training plan

  1. Charlie is so fricken cute!! I can’t believe he’s six weeks old already.

    Glad you have a plan – I need to get on that otherwise I do the same things over and over.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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