Well THAT didn’t last long!

Well, well, well… how quickly the on track train gets derailed.

In a nutshell:

  • achilles tendinitis came back with a vengance–and when you’re nursing, you’re not allowed to take anti-inflammatories like Aleve, so recovery has been slow.
  • I went to New Balance to get refitted for new sneakers after realizing the ones I had were WAY old (18 months & 24 months respectively) & way worn down (trick I learned: even if the treads look good, if the spongy cushioning in the midsole looks squishy, time for a new pair. My midsoles look like this lady’s skin.)
  • I learned that in addition to having high arches, I carry a shit ton of my weight in my heels.
  • They recommended I get these orthopedic-looking shoes:

  • I needed to think about that because 1) they were $140 and although I’m comfortable investing money in good sneakers that will help keep me injury free, it’s not easy for me to part with that much money especially when 2) they look like freakin’ orthopedic shoes. (Note: I ended up buying them because as a preferred customer, I was able to take advantage of a sale that knocked them down to $119 and because they are really the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. REALLY comfortable.)
  • And then we also got busy with my parents visiting, preparing for the hurricane that hit NJ, me taking Charlie on his first road trip to Connecticut to see extended family & Evan going on a business trip to Chicago just as I was getting ready to return to work.

So… I have not run since week 2 of C25k, and I don’t anticipate being able to return to my training plan until the week of the 26th due to getting situated with my return to work and not having childcare after work during these first 2 weeks. I’m not worried because we have been going on walks, so I’m getting minimal activity in, and I’m realizing that I really have to give myself some time to figure out this new schedule and new priorities.

Oddly enough, I think once I’m back at work full-time, fitting in workouts will be easier because I can use my lunch break to get them done.

So, for now I’m focused on assessing this new lifestyle, priorities and goals. I don’t plan to give up running or training–I’m just trying to figure out what “plan” is going to work for me (or, perhaps, how to integrate flexibility when it comes to my training schedule).



One response to “Well THAT didn’t last long!

  1. You’re a planner like me, so I’m sure that having your life in a bit of flux is a strange feeling. Then again, having a baby makes it all worthwhile, I’m sure. You’re so together, even when you’re dealing with new situations – I admire how you are able to take things as they come. It’s a trait I’ve been working on.

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