Needing to get back on the bus…

I’m really starting to think that my achilles tendinitis is going to continue to flare up until I loose a bigger chunk of weight, so running is on hold for now. I hate saying that, and I totally feel like it’s quitting, but I simply am not able to focus on both food and workouts, all while juggling returning to work full-time, a new baby and this incessant foot/ankle/heel pain. Seriously. I wake up every morning, hobbling, stiff-ankled.

Furthermore, it’s resulting in me being So Freakin’ Reluctant to work out. I’m also struggling to return to my old way of eating. Pregnancy afforded me extra calories and although I gained more than I wanted and needed to at first, by the end of the second trimester, I naturally fell into an intuitive way of eating that resulted in a more even, slower, healthier (for my size) weight gain of 1/2lb a week. I’ve tracked my food better and cut 200-300 calories since then and I’m still not losing.

Here’s what I am doing right:

  • Planning meals
  • Incorporating more veggies into my day
  • Prepping food ahead of time (breakfast sandwiches, homemade instant oatmeal, salad veggies)
  • Increasing water intake (had dropped to a quart a day, now I’m back up to 2 quarts or more)

Here’s what I need to do:

  • Get back to scheduling exercise
  • Find ways to replace the running with high intensity workouts (spin and….?)
  • Overall increase of activity (perhaps by consistently adding a 20-30 min walk with Charlie in the Baby Bjorn or stroller as weather permits) in addition to my normal gym workouts.
  • Add my PT exercises for my tendinitis into my daily routine
  • Cut calories to 1200-1300 with one “free” day a week. This will allow me to have a day where I eat to fullness (note: free does not mean binge) and enjoy more indulgent things that don’t fit into such a restricted calorie limit.

I also need to continue to be mindful of balance. Fortunately, in looking at my work commitments for the Fall semester, there are only 4 weeks in which I have more than 1 evening/night commitment (and in each of those cases, I have an event to attend one night and duty on another night–that doesn’t guarantee I’ll have to do more than field calls. It depends on what happens on campus that night.) I’m reading and loving Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and considering starting one of my own. As Evan’s been reprioritizing his own life, I’ve been emphatic that he needs to focus on big picture stuff–what his purpose is and what his priorities are. I need to do the same.

So what are my priorities:

  • family
  • health
  • balance
  • work

Now, time to figure out how to fit them all into my day…


2 responses to “Needing to get back on the bus…

  1. Sorry I haven’t checked in for a while – I used to have really bad heel pain, turned out to be plantar facistis (sp?) and I got inserts in my shoes and my feet don’t hurt anymore.

    Hope the baby (and YOU!) are doing well!

  2. #1 rule of working out: you have to want to work out. If running is making you not want to exercise, then forget it! A similar but opposite thing happened to me when I agreed to do a triathlon with a friend. Problem was, I love to run and hated taking time away from it. I decided that I’m just a runner. It makes me happy. And if cross training would be ideal, then I’m just not going to be an ideal worker-outer, and that’s okay!
    On the postpartum front, take it from someone who’s lost those baby pounds several of times: it takes a while for your body to decide to release the weight. Calorie reduction and exercise help, but your body might just not be ready to get rid of the maternal fat stores. (What if you have to breastfeed the baby and you have no food for yourself? And you’re stuck in the wilderness? In the ARCTIC? These are the things that your metabolism is thinking about.) Patience and kindness toward yourself are important!

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