What’s going on

I’ve been trying to figure out why the hell is so damn hard to get on track, only to realize it’s stress. It’s not the stress of bad things happening or a super busy time at work, it’s just the continual adjustment and readjustment as Evan and I get used to parenting, try to make time for each other and try to figure out what our new life is about. And I don’t like blogging about it because 1) I don’t want this to be a baby or parenting blog and 2) I haven’t really figured ANYTHING out so it just seems a bit redundant to post the same darn story every week. And I don’t want to sound like complaining because I don’t really have any complaints.

So here’s my humorous take on what’s happening:

I will say this:

1. Achilles tendinitis sucks. I took a simple and very lovely hour-long walk with a friend earlier this week and paid for it the next day.

2. I miss running and spin class

3. I will start taking advantage of my lunch breaks for “me first” time (reading, running errands, workouts)

4. I will be ready to have a plan to put in place by the weekend

5. Said plan will allow for flexibility and imperfections. It will be full of suggestions and alternatives. I’m learning that the semi-rigid schedule of days past doesn’t work for me, but I get demotivated when I don’t meet my goals. So, I know that in order for this new plan to work, it will have to accomodate obstacles without compromising that checklist of gold stars and progress being made.

I will warmly welcome any suggestions you have!

3 responses to “What’s going on

  1. I’ve started setting myself one goal a day. Like “make lunch for tomorrow” (its not always that one though and that gets expensive, hah). It helps me feel more put together despite my lack of time!

  2. Yep – definitely need the “me” time. Although its easy for me to say because my daughter is 19!

    That being said I used to sleep until the last possible second. I realized if I didn’t carve out the morning time I didn’t get my me time in – so I switched to blogging in the morning before work, instead of after dinner like I normally did.

    Two things happened – I spent more time with my family at night, and turns out I like a quiet house to start the day – I blog, read blogs, drink coffee, have the news on in the background. I now have 2 hours from the time I get up until the time I have to leave for work – love it! 😀


  3. I think you are the master of making plans and then sticking to them, so I have no doubt that you will come up with a workable solution. I know for me, not having a plan makes me very stressed/out of sorts. I hope that once you put some things in place, you’ll feel calmer and more able to cope with all of your new responsibilities.

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