Resound 11, Prompt 6: Thelma & Louise

#resound11 Prompt 06: Thelma & Louise

So far you’ve summed up the year in one word, admitted your vices, touted your virtues, revealed your superpower, and let us in on your theme song, but no superhero does it alone …

Who is the Thelma to your Louise? Who is your partner in crime? Did you reacquaint yourself with an old friend? Did you make a new friend? Or, perhaps, you are a lone ranger?

Take some time today to look back on how you spent your year and give a shout out to anyone that helped to make it special. If you don’t have any close friends that fit the bill, think about who you spend your time with on a regular basis, who is the bright spot in your day? Maybe you joke around with a coworker just to get through the day. Maybe the barista who serves your coffee knows your order by heart and/or knows when to suggest you mix it up. Who makes your life just a little bit better just by being themselves?

How will you resound?

I would totally BFF a couple of the Starbucks baristas if it wouldn’t make me the crazy caffeinated girl. But as welcome as they make me feel there, I know I’m just the iced trenta 2 pump pumpkin spice iced coffee girl and not Tina. So here are my Thelmas:

1. I LOVE my colleagues, especially the other assistant directors I work with. They make me laugh, they commiserate with me, they get me out of my funk, they both complement and balance my strengths and weaknesses and together we form a well-functioning team even though we don’t hang out socially.

2. My Ithaca friends. I have not invested a ton of time into maintaining my friendships with my long-distance friends (and it’s not like I have a lot of local friends monopolizing my time) but I appreciate that we each recognize that we have busy lives (careers, relationships, family, kids) and trust each other to know that just because we haven’t connected personally frequently doesn’t mean we’re out of each others lives or hearts. Sometimes we only get a chance for a 5-10 minute converation, other times we kill our cell phone batteries chatting. But I know there always there for me and believe they know the same of me.

3. My blog/Twitter friends. They inspire and challenge me in more ways than they know and more ways than I even realize sometimes. They’re funny, good people with such wonderful hearts and the kindest of spirits. I feel so fortunate to have been able to meet many of them in person this April (BlogGirls Rock DC, yo!) and often wish we all lived closer to each other. And I think we’d make great sitcom characters. Or better yet, talk show hosts!


4 responses to “Resound 11, Prompt 6: Thelma & Louise

  1. Wait. You love Ani AND Ithaca?? Sweet!

    Hubs went to Cornell, so we’ve spent a lot of time in Ithaca. If I weren’t so attached to my family, I’d want to live around there. Or in Maine. Or Vermont.

    We haven’t gone up there this year (mainly due to The Kid), and I miss the farmer’s market, and all of the hippie co-op type stores around there.

  2. I feel like our sitcom would be a mix of Facts of Life, Sex and the City, and Golden Girls. (I’d watch it!)

  3. YES! We should all take the Which Sex in the City (or Golden) Girl are you quiz!

  4. Ummm what?????? I think you’re missing a #4……

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