Resound 11, Prompt 10: High/Low

#resound11 Prompt 10: High/Low

 Today is a bit of a choose your own adventure: write (paint, draw, photograph, record, etc.) about your best experience this year. If that’s not your cup of joe, write about your worst experience. Feeling chatty? Share both your best and worst moments.

How will you resound?

There were too many highs this year to let me be distracted or bummed by the lows. Seriously, I can think of one super-crappy, miserable thing I dealt with this year and it PALES in comparison to all of the awesomeness I got to experience.

The top 3 great moments of my year (and perhaps the top few things I’ve experienced in my life!):

1. Obviously, this little guy.

2. My first *real* (defined by: out of the country, staying in a hotel, for more than a long weekend) vacation with Evan. St. Thomas was wonderful and relaxing, and it totally let us reconnect after months of really busy work and travel weekends–and before mind-numbingly tired days as new parents.

3. When Evan proposed to me.

As much as I’ve been a slacker about blogging this year, I’m SO glad that the highlights are something that I have shared. Each of those posts have made me smile, giggle, grin and tear up a bit. 🙂


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