Resound 11, Prompt 12: 12 in 12

#resound11 Prompt 12: 12 in 12

 Take today to talk about 12 things you would like to accomplish in 2012. These 12 things can be 12 resolutions, 12 changes in your life, 12 wines you’d like to drink, 12 cities you’d like to visit, or 12 monthly goals. The decision is yours. Good luck and have fun!

How will you resound?

I feel like I’ve been making a lot of promises I can’t keep these days. I’m not being realistic about my time, my efficiency, my ability or my energy. And sometimes, I’m just making too many excuses. Other times, I realized I’m still just working on figuring it all out. A while back, I decided that instead of making some crazy plan or promise on how 2011 is going to end (my final decision: it’s going to be fun and glorious and full of wonderful memories, it won’t be defined by a number on the scale but it will be thoughtful and intentional and not too indulgent), I’ve been reflecting on what is reasonable and important for 2012. And folks, I’m excited about it.

Here is a list of the top 12 ways in which I will live in 2012:

1. I will find a balance of intentionality and spontaneity, being planned and living by the seat of my pants. I will not be perfect, but I will do this well enough to accomplish my goals (losing 30-50lbs) and living life (like having a kick-ass wedding that will appropriately signify Evan’s and my relationship and bond).

2. I will read. It may not be much (6 books is my goal with a Project Happiness book club as the kick-off/send off) and it won’t always replace television (especially not my love of Breaking Bad, Dexter and Criminal Minds), but it will be a productive and more soul-fulfilling replacement for the time I wander aimlessly on the internet. (Pinterest and Words With Friends has, at times, been my kryptonite.)

3. I will reflect on and share my life with others. This will happen through the conversations I have with friends and family and the writing I do on this blog. I aim for a once a week commitment to this blog. I know I used to write daily. But I’ve realized that a) writing daily takes time away from living the life I want to write about and the experiences I need to have in order to reflect and b) I don’t want to use the blog as a replacement for real, live conversations.

4. I want to be an athlete again. I’m giving myself the next three weeks to aggressively treat (self-care) my achilles tendinitis. I will use my week off between Christmas and New Year’s to get back into a gym routine and develop a plan for the month of January. I will return to the doc if the tendinitis continues to flare up. I aim to start C25k training in March and assess whether I’m ready to do the Philly Women’s Triathlon again in July.

5. I will live in the present 80% of the time with the remainder of my time dedicated to reflection and goal-setting (or goal evaluation). This is a new skill/talent, so I need to remember to cultivate it.

6. I will work with Evan to start planning some family traditions we’d like to start and carry out throughout the years. (Current considerations: a “Thankful Tree” in November, an Advent calendar where you pull a holiday themed thing to do each day, an annual vacation and a simple family weekly tradition–like pizza/popcorn/movie/pj nights.)

7. I will continue to strengthen my relationship with Evan and not let us get too baby-centered. In 2012, I’d like us to have a monthly date night. (Hey–we’re starting small and working on setting do-able goals here, folks!) I want us to go to concerts together again. I also want to work to make sure that on the two days or nights we get to spend together each week, they’re not both monopolized by chores, errands and busywork.

8. I will somehow clean up my recipe collection. I currently have two full shelves of cookbooks, binders, cooking/food magazines and folders of recipes. Ultimately, I find that I spend too much time searching for a recipe I want because it’s mixed in with a bunch that I’ve collected. I’m not sure yet how I intend to go about this, but I ultimately want to pare down this collection, have one binder of favorites (the recipes we make frequently, whether they’re from a cookbook, magazine or a family hand-me-down) that I can go to easily and have a monthly calendar that plots out the regular meals we’ll eat with. And it would be seasonal since I like to eat seasonally. It would take the guess-work out of what to make for dinner. Kinda like this, only it would include two days a month where I scheduled “trying a new recipe”:

Seasonal Dinner Menu

This goal may appear to be more tasky than lifestyle oriented, but it’s simply a strategy I have for my goal to make the most of my time and spend time doing the things I love. I love cooking but I don’t love spending an hour or more a night planning, preparing, cooking and cleaning up when there are other things (family time, Evan-specific time, career goals and gym time) that I want to include in my days.

9. Instead of letting myself get frustrated, I will consider reframing those little annoyances as a productive, effective (I hope) way of not letting the things that I can’t control get me down. This won’t always be possible, but which each of those situations, I’ll evaluate whether I can reframe and move on.

10. I will be more intentional with my spending. Current example: I’m overspending on Starbucks and underspending on quality clothes that will make me feel good about myself as I try to get back to my pre-pregnancy size.

11. Insert semi-private, semi-undefined career goal here.

12. I will be flexible and forgiving. I don’t need to score a 100% success rate on these goals to consider it a success. I just need to be able to say that I’m doing the things that are important to me and I’m minimizing the distractions that keep me from living a life that allows me to celebrate and experience the important stuff.


4 responses to “Resound 11, Prompt 12: 12 in 12

  1. I love these goals. So purposeful and thought out! Very awesome.

    (P.S. Hi! First comments on blogs are quite awkward for me, but I found your blog when I was looking up the Resound writing prompt and really enjoy it. The end.)

  2. I have a Starbucks right in my building at work which has become a problem due to a crazy work schedule the past few months. In order to keep my coffee spending under control before things got out of hand or became a habit I bought myself a gift card. Now I will only pay with that gift card so not only do I earn Starbucks rewards with each cup of coffee, but I have a preset spending limit. So far it has worked for me! I also bring my own mug now since there is a $.25 discount for going green! 🙂

  3. I love reading your Resound posts, so many of your goals resonate. I can’t wait until the book club in January.

    PS Should I be reading before we start?

  4. Your goals are great. Very doable; plus, they will definitely enrich your life. I look forward to seeing you achieve each one.

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