Resound 11, Prompt 8: Catchphrase

#resound11 Prompt 08: Catch Phrase

What’s your trademark phrase? Not sure? How about a quote or saying that you repeat often? Bonus points if it’s new for 2011, but we won’t be upset if it’s been around longer than that. Try to put it in context for us if it’s a little abstract.


How will you resound?

There were moments throughout the past year where it seemed like things just weren’t going as well as they should, despite my best efforts. There was one on-going issue in particular that just dragged on and was frustrating and annoying and stressful, despite my best efforts at managing it. In reality, I didn’t have the power to create the change to resolve it. One day, my boss said, “If it seems like it’s not working out, it’s just because it hasn’t worked out YET.”

That use of yet was significant. I do believe that no matter what happens–and I acknowledge that there isn’t always a reason for something, at least not one that’s logical–everything ultimately gets resolved and there’s always something to be learned or acquired from it. So whenever I am struggling with something, I just tell myself “not yet.” It’s not a catchphrase I speak necessarily, but it’s my little mental mantra that I use often.

One response to “Resound 11, Prompt 8: Catchphrase

  1. Kinda goes along with your tattoo, huh?

    And I love “not yet.” love.

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